Indiana State Board of Education - July 19, 2013


Senate Chamber

Indiana Statehouse

200 W Washington St

Indianapolis, IN 


9:00 am - Study Session

10:30 am - Business Meeting

Business Meeting Agenda

I. Call to Order

A. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Approval of Minutes


III. Statement of the Chair

IV. Board Member Comments and Reports

V. Public General Comment

VI. Best Practices - Innovations in Education - Student Successes 

VII. Disucssion

A. Turnaround Academies Update - presentations from Mayor's Office and Charter Schools USA

Turnaround Operator Update - EdPower

Turnaround Operator Update - Charter Schools USA 

Turnaround Operator Update - Edison Learning

Lead Partner Update - TNTP

Lead Partner Update - Amplify (formerly Wireless Generation)

Lead Partner Update - Scholastic Achievement Partners 

Lead Partner Update - Voyager Learning

B.  Electronic participation in meeings - memo

C. Turnaround Academies funding update

D. Teacher Evaluations update

E.  Legislative updates

a. SEA 464 update - Education funding for children in residental care

b. HEA 1003 update - Special education nonpublic school scholarships  

c. HEA1427 update - Common Core discussion

F.  ISTEP update 

VIII. Adjudications

A. Determination of state tuition support withholding from IPS - memo

B. Determination of state tuition support withholding from GCSC - memo

IX. Consent Agenda

A. Transfer Tuition Petition Resolution

a. SBOE Hearing Numbers 121104, 1305007, 1305010, 1305006 - memo

b. SBOE Hearing Number 1304004 - memo

c. SBOE Hearing Number 1302002 - memo

B. Freeway School Accreditation

a. University High School - memo and petition

b. Ambassador Christian Academy - memo and petition

c. Kingdom Academy - memo and petition

d. Good Shepard Christian Academy - memo and petition

e. Fishers Christian Academy - memo and petition

f. Crown Point Christian School - memo and petition

C. Approval of February 2014 ADM count date - memo

X. New Business - Action 

A. Election of a Board Secretary

B. Approval to intiate rulemaking and of proposed changes to 511 IAC 6.2-3.1 (Reading Plan rule) - proposed changes

C. Approval of proposed changes to 511 IAC 7-33-4 (Medicaid consent requirements) to align with new federal requirements - memo

D. Approval of  Remediation Early Indentifcation and Intervention Guidance, as required by HEA1005 - guidance

E. Approval of criteria for waivers to the Performance Qualified High Schools program, as required in SEA189 - criteria

F. Approval of a form that explains the legal requirements of attending a nonaccredited nonpublic school in Indiana, as required in HEA1005 - memo and form

G. Approval of teacher compensation model - memo

H. . State Board of Education Resourcing

XI. Board Operations