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12/11/18 State demanding former Kankakee Valley football coach repay missing fundraiser money

11/29/18 State investigation: Former Transpo CEO used agency credit card for personal expenses

10/11/18 Operation Public Accountability Press Conference

               15 local government employees face public corruption charges

               U.S. attorney announces 15 officials charged in public corruption crackdown

               15 Public Officials Charged With Stealing Over $1M

               15 charged in statewide corruption investigations

               Indiana corruption probe snares former Greenwood Middle School aide

08/23/18 Ex-Bunker Hill clerk treasurer pleads guilty to stealing from taxpayers and avoids prison time

07/20/18 Indianapolis Bond Bank employee accused of stealing $400,000

06/11/18 Former fire department treasurer ordered to repay $80,000

06/07/18 State seeking repayment of extracurricular funds stolen from Michigan City middle school

03/17/18 Former treasurer for the Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department of Hamilton County indicted

12/12/17 State probe shows city funds missing

12/12/17 Investigation by Indiana State Board of Accounts find $152,127.54 Unaccounted for in Wabash's Wastewater Billing Department

12/11/17 Call 6: Firefighter Must Repay $48K to Taxpayers, According to Audit from State Board of Accounts

12/10/17 Former Township Trustee set to Plead in Theft Case

12/08/17 Audit Shows Money Missing from Hope Fire Department Accounts

11/30/17 State of Indiana wants Gary Superintendent to Pay Back $30,000 Bonus

11/27/17 Audit Finds Gary Superintendent should Repay $30k Bonuses

11/27/17 Audit Finds Gary Superintendent should Repay $30k Bonuses

11/22/17 State Audit: Gary Schools Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt Owes $30k in Bonus Payments not Approved by Board of Trustees

11/22/17 State Police: Ex-Treasurer Stole from Sullivan Co. Schools

11/03/17 Trustee Ordered to Repay Money

11/01/17 In Hard Times, Government Watchdogs are Often First to get the Ax

10/23/17 Board of Accounts find $1.5 Million Misspent in Public Funds

10/23/17 State Audit Uncovers Numerous Procedural Errors in Eagle Creek Township

10/16/17 Special State Audit asks Former Munster School Board Member to Repay Money; Former Administrators Received Cash They Shouldn't Have

10/13/17 State Audit Cites Munster for Health Insurance Overpayment to Former School Board Member

10/12/17 Olive Township Clerk Overpaid Herself by $11,500, Cut Personal Check with Tax Money

10/03/17 MCS Takes Corrective Action After Audit

10/02/17 Police: Trustee Uses over $10k of Township Funds for Personal Use

10/02/17 ISP Arrests Township Trustee on Felony Charges

10/02/17 ISP Arrests Township Trustee on Two Felony Counts

09/30/17 Ex-Trustee Asked to Repay more than $27,000

09/13/17 Rock Creek Township Official Accused of Overpaying Himself, using Taxpayer Funds for Utilities

08/21/17 State Audit Again Raises Concerns in Terre Haute

08/21/17 Another State Audit Raises Questions About Terre Haute

08/03/17 Worth Twp. Audit Uncovers Years of Accounting Errors

07/21/17 State Seeking to Recover $11,000 in Public Funds Related to Theft from Golf Course

07/20/17 State Seeking over $11,000 from Johnson County Golf Course Employee who Admitted to Stealing

06/29/17 Call 6: Ex-Clerk Treasurer Charged with Official Misconduct, Theft

06/28/17 IN: State: Former Logansport Airport Manager Owes $34K

06/27/17 Call 6: Ex-Clerk-Treasurer must Repay $73K, Audit says

06/26/17 Former Bunker Hill Clerk must Repay Town $73,000

06/22/17 Former Washington Township Trustee may Face Theft Charges

06/12/17 AG Hill Files Judgement Against Form Lawrenceburg Official

06/12/17 Attorney General wants Former Deputy Clerk-Treasurer to Repay $274K

06/11/17 Former Lawrenceburg City Employee Accused of Misappropriating Funds

06/07/17 New Finance Procedures Created after Audit

05/31/17 State Audit Informs County Council that it cannot Share Riverboat Revenue

05/25/17 Indiana Sues 2 Former School Administrators for $3M

05/25/17 Retired Munster, Ind., Administrators Owe District more than $850,000, Attorney General Says in Lawsuit

05/24/17 State Files Lawsuit to Recover Funds from Former Munster School Administrators

05/24/17 State Sues 2 Retired Munster Administrators Seeking Repayment

05/24/17 Clerk-Treasurer Charged with Theft from Kingsford Heights

05/24/17 Indiana Honored for Transparency in Financial Reporting

05/23/17 Indiana gets Financial Reporting Award for 24th Straight Year

05/22/17 Ex-Kingsford Heights Clerk-Treasurer Charged with Theft

05/17/17 Warrant Issued for Former Middlebury Schools Treasurer

05/14/17 New Law gives State Board of Accounts more Teeth

04/26/17 Gary Public Library's Financial Books Tell a Sad Story

04/20/17 Lawmakers order local governments to correct audit errors - or else

03/29/17 Reports Shows Franklin County Money Handled Poorly

03/16/17 Audit Finds Major Bookkeeping Issues in Carrol County

03/15/17 Audit: Township Trustee Misused Public Funds

03/14/17 Audit: Former Black Township Trustee Misused Public Funds

03/13/17 State Sues Form Clerk to Recover Money

03/13/17 State Investigation Shows Former Black Township Trustee used Funds for Personal Bills

03/13/17 Former Black Township Trustee Accused of Misusing Funds

02/24/17 State Police Arrest Henry County Trustee

02/23/17 Liberty Township Trustee in Henry County Arrested for Theft

02/22/17 Police: Liberty Township Trustee Overpaid Herself Thousands of Dollars for Several Years

02/22/17 Township Trustee Accused of Stealing Funds

02/22/17 State Police Arrest Henry County Trustee

02/22/17 Liberty Township Trustee Arrested on Theft, Official Misconduct Charges

02/22/17 Henry County Township Trustee Arrested for Theft

02/15/17 Scathing Audit Closes Chapter on Former Trustee's Tumultuous Tenure

02/13/17 Anderson Police Department Misplaces $16.2K in 2015

02/12/17 Audit: Anderson PD misplaced $16,2000

02/11/17 Audit Anderson Police Department Misplaces $16.2K in 2015

02/09/17 Audit: Undercover Officers did not Follow Policies

02/06/17 Audit of Muncie Finances Finds Lack of Internal Controls

02/05/17 State Audit of Muncie Shows Lack of Controls

01/20/17 Ex-County Clerk Employee Charged in $300K Theft

01/19/17 Ex-Tippecanoe County Clerk's Office Employee Arrested for Theft

01/17/17 Ignoring State Audits Could Cost Local Governments

01/16/17 State Agency Says Money Missing from School Fund

01/13/17 Former Auditor Asked to Repay County Funds

01/13/17 State Says Former Auditor Bob Wichlinski Owes County $2,000

01/04/17 State Audit: Former City Employee Owes Lawrenceburg $247K

01/03/17 State Audit Alleges Bookkeeping Errors in Michiana Shores

12/23/16 State Board Cites Kingsford Heights Payroll Overpayment

12/06/16 Milan Audit Uncovers Adjusted Utility Bills, Undeposited Funds, Late Fees

11/09/16 Trail Date Set for Former Gary Worker

11/03/16 Former Clerk Sentenced Will Not Have to go Back to Jail

11/01/16 Ex-Gaston Town Clerk Cited for Missing Funds

10/26/16 Ex-Golf Course Worker Sentenced for Theft

10/25/16 Former Gary Employee Indicted on Theft Charges

10/24/16 Former Gary Employee Indicted in Computer Equipment Theft Scheme

10/21/16 Clinkenbeard Faces Feb. Trial Date; Former SWMD Director Allegedly Spent District Money on Clothes, Trips to Canada

10/20/16 Former Knox County Waste District Chief Charged with Theft

10/18/16 Former Wicker Park Clerk Named in Audit

10/17/16 State Claims Money Missing From Wicker Memorial

10/14/16 Audit: Liberty Township Trustee Must Return $15,000

09/20/16 Former SWMD Director Arrested; Charged with Embezzling more than $100,000

09/20/16 Fmr. Knox Co. Waste Director Accused of Embezzling over $100K

09/20/16 Former Knox Co Official Accused of Theft

09/20/16 ISP: Former Director of Knox County Solid Waste District Arrested for Theft

09/20/16 Former Knox County Solid Waste District Director Arrested for Theft

09/18/16 Containers Missing from Water Treatment Plant

09/15/16 City Investigating Empty Containers Missing from Monroe Water Treatment Plant

09/02/16 North Miami Schools Penalized for Late Tax Filings

08/12/16 Grand Jury Indicts Pulaski Ex-Sheriff

08/11/16 Former Pulaski County Sheriff and Chief Deputy Indicted by Grand Jury

08/10/16 Grand Jury Indicts former Pulaski Co. Sheriff, Chief Deputy

08/10/16 Former Northern Indiana Sheriff Charged with Stealing Guns

08/10/16 Former Pulaski County Sheriff Indicted by Grand Jury

07/26/16 Former Extra-Curricular Treasurer at Castle High School Sentenced for Embezzlement

06/25/16 Former City Worker Charged with Theft

06/17/16 Fired Central HS Secretary Repays $20,000 plus Penalties

06/14/16 Logansport Audit Reveals Financial Misreporting

06/10/16 Wayne Township Firefighter Accused of Theft

06/10/16 7th Circuit Affirms Government Employees Must Resign after Elected to Office

06/10/16 Firefighter, Ex-Trustee Charged with Official Misconduct, Theft

06/08/16 Audit Finds Former Munster School Bosses Owe Town $851,000

06/08/16 State Audit Says Former Munster School Leaders Overpaid

06/08/16 Retired Munster Administrators Asked to Repay $851,000

06/08/16 The Indiana State Board of Accounts has requested two retired northwestern Indiana educators repay their former school district more than $850,000

06/06/16 State audit questions former Lawrence mayor's management, overspending

05/23/16 State Investigation Finds 'Deficiencies' in Small Claims Court

05/10/16 State Audit of MCS Finds Reporting Errors

04/05/16 Ex-Kennard Clerk-Treasurer Indicted for Wire Fraud

04/01/16 Ex-Township Trustee Ordered to Repay More Than $50K

03/31/16 Ex-Trustee to Pay Back More than $40,000

03/24/16 Woman to Serve 6 Months for Stealing Fund from FWCS

03/23/16 State not Notified of Missing Funds

03/22/16 Former German Township Clerk Charged with Fraud, Forgery

03/21/16 Former Prairie Township Trustee Ordered to Pay Back Thousands in Unpaid Taxes

03/11/16 Theft Charge for Former Cloverdale Utility Clerk

03/03/16 Call6: Ex-County Surveyor Owes $47K

03/02/16 Mary Ray sentenced to 84 months

02/25/16 2014 Audit Critical of City

02/17/16 State Audit Cites District's Untaxed Gift Cards

02/11/16 Audit: Former Principal owes $20K

02/10/16 State Seeks Repayment from Former Lake Central Principal

02/10/16 Former Sheriff Tied to Investigation of Missing Weapons, Money

02/05/16 Audit: Ex-Sheriff on Hook for Missing Guns, Ammunition

02/03/16 Chesterton Working to Fix Audit Issues

02/03/16 Woman Faces 12 Years on Probation for Thefts from TH Airport Accounts

02/02/16 Judge Freezes Former Gary Worker's Assets Pending Lawsuit

02/02/16 Woman Arrested for Theft and Fraud Avoids Prison Time by Taking Plea Deal

01/29/16 Attorney General Sues ex-Gary Employee over Fraud Scheme

01/28/16 State Sues Former Gary City Employee for Nearly $1.4M in Missing Items

01/28/16 State Sues Former Gary Worker in Computer Fraud Scheme

01/23/16 Brown Pleads Guilty to in Animal Shelter Theft

01/22/16 Ex-Clerk Arrested Following State Investigation

01/19/16 Former Mayor Soderquist to Plead Guilty, Drop Motion for New Trial

01/06/16 Audit Finds Township Trustee was Paid Extra, Misused Funds

01/05/16 Trustee Accused of Mishandling Funds

12/23/15 Audit: Ex-township trustee owes $16K

12/11/15 2013 Audit of Jeffersonville Shows Poor Record-Keeping

12/02/15 State Audit: Lake Station Schools Lack Oversight

11/21/15 Brown Ordered to Repay County Nearly $10,000

11/10/15 State Audit Determines Money Missing at KVMS

11/10/15 Ex-Trustee in Johnson County Arrested on Theft and Official Misconduct

11/05/15 Attorney General Files Suit Against FWCS' Ex-Purchasing Agent

11/05/15 Suspect in FWCS Theft Sued by State

11/04/15 AG Suing Former FWCS Purchasing Agent

11/04/15 Former FWCS Buyer Sued by State for $27K in Stolen Funds

11/04/15 AG Sues Ex-Purchasing Agent to Recover more than $27K in Public Funds

11/02/15 Hebron Police Knocked in State Board of Accounts' Audit for Gun Sales

11/02/15 State Tells Hebron Polic Dept. to Stop Selling Guns

11/02/15 Hebron Police Knocked in Audit for Gun Sales

10/30/15 State Tells Hebron Police to Stop Selling Handguns

10/22/15 State: Nearly $1.4M Worth of iPads, Other Items Missing in Gary

10/21/15 Fired Gary Worker Asked to Pay Back $1.38 Million

09/30/15 Three ECI Public Libraries Cited

09/28/15 Former Speedway Fire Chief Pleads Guilty to Stealing from Town Funds

09/28/15 Ex-Speedway Fire Chief Pleads Guilty to Theft, Won't Serve Jail Time

09/28/15 Former Speedway Fire Chief Pays Back $58K Stolen from Town

09/28/15 Speedway's Ex-Fire Chief Pleads Guilty to Stealing $58K from Town

09/28/15 Ex-Speedway Fire Chief Pleads Guilty to Theft and Official Misconduct

09/29/15 Former Speedway Fire Chief Sentenced

09/28/15 Speedway's Ex-Fire Chief Pleads Guilty to Stealing $58K from the Town

09/17/15 Ray Convicted of Embezzling

09/16/15 State Critical of Gary Schools Financial Records

09/16/15 Auditors Say Financial Records at Gary Schools in Disarray

09/15/15 State Auditors Find Gary School Finances in Disarray

09/10/15 13 Investigates: 911 Funds Misused in Some Indiana Counties

09/07/15 State Agency: Former Clark County Commissioners Overstepped Authority

09/06/15 State Finds Fault with Payments Made from Clark-Floyd Landfill Funds

09/03/15 Ex-Speedway Fire Chief Pleads Guilty to Theft, Avoids Prison

09/03/15 Felony Theft Charges Filed Regarding Missing Shelter Funds

09/03/15 Criminal Charges Filed Against Former Speedway Fire Chief Accused of Misusing Town Money

09/03/15 Former Chief of Speedway Fire Department Charged With Theft, Official Misconduct

09/03/15 Former Speedway Fire Chief Accused of Misusing Money Faces Criminal Charges

09/03/15 Former Speedway Fire Chief Expected to Plead Guilty to Theft, Official Misconduct

09/03/15 Former Speedway Fire Chief Agrees to Plead Guilty

08/29/15 Audit Finds RHS Athletics Accounting Violations

09/03/15 Ex-Speedway Fire Chief Mark Watson Criminally Charged

08/17/15 AG Files Lawsuit Against Former Warsaw Schools Maintenance Director

08/17/15 Zoeller Files Lawsuit Against Former Warsaw Schools Maintenance Director

08/17/15 AG Seeking Restitution Over Alleged Warsaw Schools Kickbacks

08/17/15 Former Warsaw Maintenance Director Sued by Indiana AG

08/17/15 A.G Files Suit Against Former Warsaw Schools Maintenance Director

07/30/15 AG Files Suit Against Ex-Speedway Fire Chief

07/30/15 Attorney General Sues Disgraced Former Speedway Fire Chief Accused of Misusing $62,000

07/30/15 Attorney General Zoeller Files Civil Cuit Against Former Speedway Fire Chief Over Theft Allegations

07/30/15 Lawsuit: Ex-Speedway Fire Chief Embezzled Taxpayer Funds for Personal Use

07/30/15 Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Former Speedway Fire Chief Accused of Misusing $62,000

07/23/15 Audit: Ex-School Employee Responsible for Nearly $1M Loss

07/22/15 State Board Alleges Corporation was Overcharged

07/21/15 After Theft, Merrillville to Fund Town Court

07/19/15 Town Receives Insurance Settlement Tied to Former Employee Theft

07/10/15 Speedway Audit: Former Fire Chief Accused of Misusing more than $61,000 in Town Funds

07/10/15 Audit: Former Speedway Fire Chief Misused $62,000 in Town Money before Sudden Resignation

07/10/15 Audit: Former Speedway Fire Chief Misused over $62,000

07/10/15 Audit Finds Ex-Speedway Fire Chief Used Thousands of Dollars in Town Funds for Personal Expenses

07/10/15 Former Speedway Fire Chief Accused of Misusing $60,000

07/10/15 Audit: Ex-Speedway Fire Chief Accused of Misusing $62K in Town Funds

07/03/15 Warsaw School Worker Accused of Taking Bribes

07/02/15 Warsaw School Employee Arrested for Taking More than $100K in Kickbacks

07/02/15 Former Warsaw Schools Employee Arrested

07/02/15 Director of Buildings and Grounds for Warsaw Schools Arrested

07/01/15 Lake Sheriff Investigates Theft of Money from Clerk's Office

06/18/15 ISP Investigating Ex-Sheriff's Office Worker

06/10/15 Former Walkerton Library Director Sentenced to Prison

05/27/15 Former Hammond City Clerk Worker Sentenced to Probation in Theft Case

05/27/15 State Audit Questions Carmel's Financial Books

05/18/15 New Indiana Bills Aimed to Prevent Misappropriation of Public Funds

05/18/15 State Notes Deficiencies in Lake County's 2013 Fiscal Reporting

05/06/15 Agency Gets Help to Track your Tax dollars

05/04/15 Zionsville Man Sentenced for Theft of Federal Program Funds

05/04/15 Ex-Randolph County Secretary Indicted

05/01/15 Former Center Township CFO gets 18 Months for Theft

05/01/15 Former Center Township Official Sentenced to Prison for Theft of $343,000

04/26/15 Audit Cites Lake Station for Lack of Federal Fund Monitoring

04/21/15 $10K Missing from Knox County Parks Department, Woman Arrested

04/15/15 Mishawaka School Board Seeks to Rebuild Trust

04/05/15 Our Opinion: School City Must Gain Control of Finances

04/03/15 Microbrewery Production Increase, Other Measures Headed to Pence

03/28/15 Audit Faults School City of Mishawaka

03/23/15 Munster Can't Use TIF Funds to Maintain Centennial Park, Appeals Panel Says

03/21/15 State Board of Accounts Finds Windfall's Record Keeping in Disarray

03/19/15 Feds: Township Official Must Pay Back Taxes to IRS

03/19/15 Ex-LaPorte County Official Owes IRS

03/15/15 Fired Public Servants Targets of Grant Jury

03/13/15 State Audit Finds More on Monroe County Bookkeeping Issues

03/13/15 State Audit Finds More on Monroe County Bookkeeping Issues

03/09/15 Former E.C. Library Board Members Must Repay Benefits

03/03/15 County Footing Bill for Missing Shelter Funds

02/27/15 Region Lawmakers Win Approval for their Priorities

02/26/15 Corruption Continues a Government Budgets Go Unchecked