Death of a Participant

Q. May a Covered Dependent continue to receive reimbursements after a Qualified Retiree’s death?

A. Yes, if a Covered Dependent incurs Qualifying Expenses after the death of a Qualified Retiree, those expenses will continue to be eligible for reimbursement until the balance in the Reimbursement Account is zero or the individual ceases to qualify as a Covered Dependent by remarriage or no longer meeting the definition of dependent.

(See Section 3.8 of the Plan document)

Q. I am a Covered Dependent of a Participant eligible for normal unreduced retirement on the date of his/her death. Are my Qualifying Expenses eligible for reimbursement?

A. A Participant who dies while in the employ of an Employer after the date on which the Participant was eligible for a normal, unreduced retirement benefit (as determined by the statutes and codes governing a State public employee retirement fund of which the Participant is a Member) and who, on the date of his death, had not yet applied for such benefit, will be treated as a Retired Participant as of the date of his death if he would have otherwise qualified as a Retired Participant on the date of his death if he had applied for such normal, unreduced retirement benefit.

(See Section 2.6)