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LSA #12-198 Funeral Courtesy Card Fee and More

Rulemaking Docket


Date (“E”) for estimated future date


LSA document number (E) 12-198
Description of rule Amends 832 IAC 2-1-1 concerning definitions, fees, and reports. Amends 832 IAC 2-1-2 concerning fees. Amends 832 IAC 2-1-4 concerning notice of changes in circumstances. Amends 832 IAC 2-1-5 concerning notifications. Amends 832 IAC 2-2-2 concerning cremation; burial permit requirements; written authority. Adds 832 IAC 2-2-2.1 concerning simultaneous cremation. Amends 832 IAC 2-2-4 concerning professional conduct. Amends 832 IAC 3-1-1 concerning approved college, school or department of mortuary science. Amends 832 IAC 3-2-1 concerning funeral director internships. Amends 832 IAC 3-2-2 concerning recognized funeral service intern examinations. Amends 832 IAC 3-2-3 concerning funeral director intern case reports. Amends 832 IAC 3-2-4 concerning requirements for third and subsequent takings of funeral director license examination. Amends 832 IAC 3-3-2 concerning funeral director license; out of state applicants. Repeals 832 IAC 3-3-4 concerning substantially equal. Amends 832 IAC 3-3-5 concerning effect of expired funeral director license. Amends 832 IAC 4-1-1 concerning continuing education. Amends 832 IAC 4-1-2 concerning continuing education. Amends 832 IAC 4-1-3 concerning sponsors. Amends 832 IAC 4-1-4 concerning sponsor appeal rights. Repeals 832 IAC 4-2-1 concerning license reinstatement. Amends 832 IAC 4-2-2 concerning continuing education requirements for license reinstatement. Amends 832 IAC 4-2-4 concerning application of renewal for license. Adds 832 IAC 5-1-0.5 concerning licensure procedure. Amends 832 IAC 5-1-1 concerning applicant affidavit. Amends 832 IAC 5-1-1.1 concerning inspections. Adds 832 IAC 5-1-1.2 concerning records. Amends 832 IAC 5-1-3 concerning plumbing requirements; back-syphonage protection systems. Amends 832 IAC 5-1-4 concerning embalming rooms; construction fixtures; equipment and use requirements. Amends 832 IAC 5-2-1 concerning display of license. Amends 832 IAC 5-2-2 concerning required employment of embalmers by unqualified funeral directors. Repeals 832 IAC 5-2-3 concerning food service restrictions. Amends 832 IAC 5-2-4 concerning supervised funeral service limited to licensees. Amends 832 IAC 5-2-5 concerning duplicate licenses at all locations where associated. Repeals 832 IAC 5-2-6 concerning inspection of records. Amends 832 IAC 6-1-1 concerning notifications affecting preneed contracts. Adds 832 IAC 6-1-3 concerning payment of trust and escrow funds; documentation required. Amends 832 IAC 7-1-1 concerning definitions. Repeals 832 IAC 7-1-2 concerning case advance item defined. Repeals 832 IAC 7-1-3 concerning contract defined. Repeals 832 IAC 7-1-5 concerning delivery defined. Repeals 832 IAC 7-1-6 concerning preneed contract defined. Repeals 832 IAC 7-1-7 concerning preneed services or merchandise or service of merchandise defined. Repeals 832 IAC 7-1-8 concerning purchaser defined. Repeals 832 IAC 7-1-9 concerning seller defined. Amends 832 IAC 7-2-1 concerning preneed contract. Amends 832 IAC 7-2-4 concerning bank trust deposits. Amends 832 IAC 7-2-5 concerning cash advance item and sales tax collections. Amends 832 IAC 7-2-6 concerning duplicate contracts. Repeals 832 IAC 7-2-7 concerning transferred contracts. Adds 832 IAC 7-2-7.1 concerning inability to perform contractual duties. Amends 832 IAC 7-2-8 concerning consumer protection charges. Amends 832 IAC 7-2-9 concerning consumer protection fund disclosure. Amends 832 IAC 7-2-10 concerning excess funds; IC 30-2-10 trust. Repeals 832 IAC 7-2-11 concerning pre-act exchange provisions. Amends 832 IAC 7-2-12 concerning requirements to make records available to board. Adds 832 IAC 7-2-13 concerning unlawful inducement. Adds 832 IAC 8-1-1 concerning definitions. Adds 832 IAC 8-1-2 concerning purpose of the preneed consumer protection fund. Adds 832 IAC 8-1-3 concerning requests for restitution. Adds 832 IAC 8-1-4 concerning board approval of disbursement. Adds 832 IAC 8-1-5 concerning interest. Adds 832 IAC 8-2-1 concerning definitions. Adds 832 IAC 8-2-2 concerning purpose of the consumer protection fund for cemetery maintenance. Adds 832 IAC 8-2-3 concerning request for maintenance assistance. Adds 832 IAC 8-2-4 concerning approval or disapproval; notice of termination.
Notice of intent 4/25/2012 http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20120425-IR-832120198NIA.xml.pdf
Proposed rule 10/10/2012 http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20121010-IR-832120198PRA.xml.pdf
Public hearing notice
(publication date)
10/10/2012 http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20121010-IR-832120198PHA.xml.pdf
Economic impact statement 10/10/2012 http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20121010-IR-832120198EIA.xml.pdf
IEDC comments (E)
OSBE comments
Public hearing date and location Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Conference Center Room #1, Indianapolis, Indiana
Deadline for comments 12/6/2012
Submit comments Online
Mailing address for comments Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Room W072, Indianapolis, Indiana
Comments may be inspected at this location  

Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Room W072, Indianapolis, Indiana

Request for public hearing
Other notices 5/2/2012 Administrative Rules Oversight Committee 60-day notice


Relevant scientific and technical findings
Adoption of final rule (E) Filed with the Publisher March 11, 2013.
Submitted to Attorney General (E) February 13, 2013.
Deadline for Attorney General action (E) March 28, 2013
Returned by Attorney General
Recalled by agency
Submitted to Governor 2/14/2013 (E) February 14, 2013.
Deadline for Governor’s action (may be extended an additional 15 days) (E) March 15, 2013.
Final rule filed with the Indiana Register
Final rule published in the Indiana Register
Effective date of rule (E) April 11, 2013.
Additional information 4/18/2013  Final Date for Rule Promulgation: April 18, 2013
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