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Training Hoosiers

Addressing the substance use disorder epidemic is not only a top priority for public health, but it also helps build stronger communities and allow those with addiction to lead healthier, more productive lives.

In order to reduce stigmas that are creating barriers to treatment, we need to view people struggling with dependency through a humane lens. The State of Indiana wants to achieve this goal and are starting with the opiod crisis. They applied and received a funding grant to coordinate a statewide targeted response to the opiod crisis.

By providing education and training to key community-based partners and organizations, these groups will help spread the word by providing education in their local communities. Additionally, we will collaborate with local leaders to help them understand the barriers and challenges faced by those with a substance use disorder. As each community begins to understand and discuss this topic, we hope to decrease the stigma associated with substance use disorder.

Understanding opioid use disorder

The purpose of this training video is to help build awareness and understanding about a specific type of substance use disorder - opioid use.  Three key messages include:

  1. Opioid use disorder, like all substance use disorders, is a disease.
  2. There is treatment for a person with opioid use disorder.
  3. Recovery is possible.

Those who are trained will be equipped with the background and knowledge they need to use the opioid use disorder outreach presentation (found under Tools & Resources) in communities across Indiana.

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