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Become a Preferred Provider

The free Quit Now Indiana Preferred Provider Program gives healthcare providers proven, professional resources to help patients/clients kick their addiction to tobacco.

As a Preferred Health Care Provider with the Quit Now Referral Network, you will receive:

  • Direct Referral Privileges to the Indiana Tobacco Quitline, which offers specially trained Quit Coaches to develop individualized quit plans for people who are ready to quit.
  • Referral Kit, which includes:
    • Fax referral forms
    • Indiana Tobacco Quitline brochures
    • Tobacco resource guide, with pharmacotherapy chart and insurance reimbursement codes
    • Tobacco cessation counseling materials
  • Status reports on fax referred patients, letting you know whether or not the patient enrolled in services and planned a quit date
  • Immediate access to evidence-based tobacco treatment resources
  • Ongoing communications on the latest research, tobacco news in Indiana and resources available to Preferred Providers
  • Direct access to a network of local cessation specialists for additional advice and consultation

Your patients look to you for direction about their individual health issues.  Your help and guidance can give them the power to curb their tobacco addiction.  For patients who are ready to quit using tobacco, fax referring them to the Indiana Tobacco Quitline is the right first step.

Enroll today and begin referring patients to the Indiana Tobacco Quitline immediately. It is quick and simple. There is no charge for this service. 

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please call 317-234-1787.