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Tobacco User

Congratulations! Quitting smoking is the biggest step you can take toward improving your health and the health of your family. The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is here to help! This FREE telephone-based quit tobacco resource is available to all Hoosiers. Simply call 1-800-QUIT-NOW ( 800-784-8669) from 8 am to 3am, 7 days-a-week to talk to a trained Quit Coach®.

By quitting smoking, you will dramatically reduce your risk of cancer, lung disease, emphysema and other tobacco-related diseases. Plus, your family's risk of lung cancer, heart disease, and other health problems caused by exposure to secondhand smoke will be greatly reduced.

You're not alone. Eighty percent (80%) of current Indiana smokers report that they want to quit completely! For many smokers, quitting takes practice! So, don't be discouraged if you've tried before and been unsuccessful. It takes an average of 7 to 11 attempts for many smokers to quit completely. When you call the Indiana Tobacco Quitline, you will talk with a trained Quit Coach who has helped hundreds of people quit and understands what you're going through. If you are ready to quit, you and your Quit Coach can work out a customized quitting plan, which includes a practical counseling session and a quit kit. You may also be encouraged to contact your physician for smoking cessation medications or be referred to smoking cessation support programs in your community. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to free yourself of tobacco. Select a category below for more information: