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Effectiveness of Quitlines

Most Hoosiers who smoke want to quit, and nearly 6 in 10 smokers tried to quit at least once in the past year.  Using a quitline can increase the chance that a tobacco user will be successful in their quit attempt.

Quitline effectiveness

Proactive phone counseling is more effective than less intensive approaches such as self-help materials and tailored mail.  A review of multiple quitline studies indicated that proactive quitlines, like the Indiana Tobacco Quitline, showed a 56% increase in quit rates when compared to self-help (people quitting on their own) (Stead et al. 2004).

Quitlines reduce barriers

People trying to quit may experience several barriers to traditional cessation classes.  Quitlines can reduce these barriers by:

  • Eliminating barriers associated with traditional cessation classes, like needing transportation or child care
  • Providing access to those with limited mobility
  • Offering access to those who live in rural or remote areas
  • Appealing to those who are reluctant to participate in a group program