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Reimbursement Request

Counties fill out the reimbursement request each quarter in order to obtain funding for their indigent defense services. Forms and Instructions may be found here

Latest Form Updates and Additions

Standards E and F Qualifications (updated 10/23/18)

Form I (updated 10/2/18)

Form IV (updated 10/2/18)

Instructions (updated 10/2/18)

When submitting your request for reimbursement, please consider e-mailing your Excel files to information@pdcom.in.gov in case any changes need to be made. This will help expedite the audit process. Please send the files in Excel format, not scanned PDFs. 


Self Audit Checklist
Final Submission Checklist
Self Insurance Worksheet (2019 Rates) 

Reminder, worksheets do not need to be submitted with your request. 

Counties that are self-insured for health insurance: 

In 2017, the Commission voted to allow counties to submit costs for employee health insurance benefits paid out from self-insured counties. However, those costs are limited to an annual cap. The cap each year is based on the State of Indiana Employer premiums. For 2019 and 2020, those rates are: 

Single: $6,753.24

Family: $19,183.32

If your county is self-insured, please review the request for reimbursement instructions regarding elgible expenses. Please contact Commission for additional assistance. 


Indiana Supreme Court Announces Pay Increase for Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor Positions

Chief Public Defenders in counties with offices must be compensated at the same rate as the elected prosecutor. Counties have until January 2020 to match the pay raises prosecutors received on 7/1/19. Please contact Commission staff with any questions.

Prosecutor Salary Table Effective July 1, 2019

Full-Time Prosecutor               $151,137.43
Part-Time Prosecutor (.66)      $  99,750.00
Part-Time Prosecutor (.6)        $  90,682.00
Full-Time Chief Deputy            $113,353.07
Part-Time Chief Deputy (.66)  $  74,812.50
Part-Time Chief Deputy (.6)    $  68,011.50

Please bookmark this page as we will continue to add helpful hints and tips for filling out the reimbursement request.