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Statutes and Rules

The State Board of Funeral and Cemetery Service and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency are prohibited from providing legal advice on issues contained in the laws and regulations. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.


IC 25-15
Chapter 1.   Repealed
Chapter 2.   Definitions                                            
Chapter 3.   Repealed                                            
Chapter 4.   Minimum Qualifications; Reciprocity                              
Chapter 5.   Examination                                           
Chapter 6.   Expiration of Licenses; Renewal of Licenses; Continuing Education            
Chapter 7.   Transfer and Assignment of License; Name Changes; Ownership Changes        
Chapter 8.   Grounds for Discipline; Sanctions by Board; Violations                    
Chapter 9.   State Board of Funeral and Cemetery Service; Education Fund; Cemetery Registration  
Chapter 10.    Courtesy Card    
Non-Code Provisions Under Public Law 61-2008                       

IC 30-2
Chapter 9.   Prepaid Funeral Plans and Funeral Trust Funds Established Before 1982         
Chapter 10.  Funeral Trust Funds                                      
Chapter 13.  Payment of Funeral, Burial Services, or Merchandise in Advance of Need

IC 23-14
Chapter 31.  Cremation                                            
Chapter 32.  Curfews                                             
Chapter 33.  Application and Definitions of Cemetery Law                         
Chapter 34.  Mandatory Recording of Survey and Plat                           
Chapter 35.  Requirements Applying to Cemetery Plats                          
Chapter 36.  Commencement of the Sale of Burial Rights                         
Chapter 37.  Unlawful Inducements in the Sale of Burial Rights                      
Chapter 38.  Construction of Mausoleums and Vaults                           
Chapter 39.  Burial Rights in Multi-Space Plots                               
Chapter 40.  Joint Burial Rights in Multi-Space Plots                            
Chapter 41.  Family Burial Lots                                        
Chapter 42.  Burial Rights by Designation, Bequest, or Descent, and Rights of Co-Owners       
Chapter 43.  Assessments to Improve Cemetery Roads                          
Chapter 44.  Prohibition on Road and Utility Construction in Cemeteries                 
Chapter 45.  Construction of Railroads on Cemetery Property Prohibited                 
Chapter 46.  Cemetery Rules and Regulations and Exclusive Rights                   
Chapter 47.  Use, Sale, and Installation of Monuments and Other Commodities             
Chapter 48.  Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund                                
Chapter 48.5 Consumer Protection Fund for Cemetery Maintenance                   
Chapter 49.  Cemetery Escrow or Trust Accounts                              
Chapter 50.  The Nature of Cemetery Funds                                
Chapter 51.  The Investment and Use of Cemetery Funds                         
Chapter 52.  Conditions Applying to the Sale of a Cemetery                        
Chapter 53.  Bequests for Care                                       
Chapter 54.  Disposition of Dead Human Bodies                              
Chapter 55.  Authorization for Interment, Entombment, or Inurnment                   
Chapter 56.  Record Keeping                                         
Chapter 57.  Disinterment, Disentombment, and Disinurnment                       
Chapter 58.  Abandonment and Reburial                                  
Chapter 58.5.  Disposition of Abandoned Burial Spaces                           
Chapter 59.  Potential Liability of Cemetery Owner                             
Chapter 60.  Legalization of Defectively Formed Cemetery Associations and Corporations       
Chapter 61.  Conflicts of Interest by Cemetery Employees                         
Chapter 62.  Conveyance of County Cemeteries to Private Corporations                 
Chapter 63.  Conveyance of Township Cemeteries to Private Corporations                
Chapter 64.  Conveyance of Cemetery Association Land to Townships                  
Chapter 65.  City and Town Cemeteries                                  
Chapter 66.  Care of Cemeteries by Third Class Cities and Towns                    
Chapter 67.  Care of Cemeteries by Counties                                
Chapter 68.  Care of Cemeteries by Townships                               
Chapter 69.  Establishment of Public Cemeteries by Townships                      
Chapter 70.  Trusts for Cemetery Associations                               
Chapter 71.  Union Chapel Cemetery Association                            
Chapter 72.  Annexation of Unincorporated Cemetery                          
Chapter 73.  Grave Markers of Deceased Soldiers                            
Chapter 74.  Cemetery Fences and Upkeep                                 
Chapter 75.  Eminent Domain Acquisition of Cemetery Land                       
Chapter 76.  Application of Corporation Laws to Cemetery Associations                 
Chapter 77.   Vaults Used to Encase Human Remains 

Chapter 19.  Funeral Planning Declaration

IC 25-1
Chapter 1.   Evidence of License Applicant's Payment of Personal Property Taxes Required      
Chapter 1.1.  Effect of Criminal Convictions on Licensed or Registered Persons             
Chapter 1.2  Effect of Delinquency in Child Support Payments on Licensed or Registered Persons   
Chapter 2.   Renewal of Licenses Granted by State Agencies. Notice of Expiration           
Chapter 3.   Civil Immunity of Regulatory Agencies                            
Chapter 4.   Continuing Education                                      
Chapter 6.   Professional Licensing Agency                                
Chapter 7.   Investigation and Prosecution of Complaints Concerning Regulated Occupations     
Chapter 8.   Occupational and Professional Licensure, Registration, and Certification Fees       
Chapter 11.  Professional Licensing Standards of Practice                         
Chapter 12.  Renewal of Licenses Held by Individuals in Military Service                 
Chapter 14.  Meetings                                            
Chapter 16  Jobs Creation Committee                                                                  
Chapter 17     Licensure of Individuals with Military Training; Licensure of Military Spouses           
Non-Code Provision Under Public Law 206-2005                       
Non-Code Provision Under Public Law 134-2012    

Title 832, Article 1 – General Provisions (Repealed)

Title 832, Article 2 – General Provisions

Rule 1.     Definitions; Fees; Reports                                   
Rule 2.     Licensee Obligations

Title 832, Article 3 – Education, Examination and Licensure

Rule 1.     Schools                                             
Rule 2.     Internships and Examinations                                 
Rule 3.     Licensure

Title 832, Article 4 – Continuing Education, License Restoration and Renewal

Rule 1.     Continuing Education                                      
Rule 2.     License Restoration and Renewal; Reentry into Practice

Title 832, Article 5 – Licensure and Operation of Funeral Homes

Rule 1.     Licensure; Construction; Equipment                              
Rule 2.     General Operations

Title 832, Article 6 – Funeral Trust Funds

Rule 1.     Trust Fund Agreements; Contract Provisions

Title 832, Article 7 – Preneed Funeral Burial Services or Merchandise Contracts

Rule 1.     Definitions                                            
Rule 2.     Contract Provisions

Title 832, Article 8 – Consumer Protection Funds

Rule 1.     Preneed Consumer Protection Fund                               
Rule 2.     Consumer Protection Fund for Cemetery Maintenance