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Private Investigator Firm License

You should use this application if you are an initial applicant for a Private Investigator Firm or a New Qualifier for an existing licensed Private Investigator Firm in the State of Indiana.

Application for Licensure as a Private Investigator Firm
Printable Application Checklist

Application Requirements

Completed Application - Be sure to answer ALL questions. If the question does not pertain to your situation, enter “N/A” or “none” to assure your application is processed quickly. Agency name listed on the application will be exactly how the name will appear on license. Keep in mind that your name should be unique and should not be construed to  be affiliated with any local, state, or federal law enforcement agency.

Application Fee – Applicants must submit a $300 ($150.00 if submitted within 1 year from the expiration date to the date the renewal window opens) application fee made payable to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. This fee may be submitted by cash, check or money order. We cannot accept payment by credit. 

Verification of Experience – This experience should meet requirements of 874 IAC 1-2-1

  • Verification of experience form (page 3 of the application) needs to detail at least (two years) 4,000 hours or more of private investigative work. This form must be completed by a former or present employer. You cannot verify your own experience.
  • Academic transcripts showing a four year degree in criminal justice from an regionally accredited institution.  If your degree is not clearly stated on your transcript as Criminal Justice, please provide a brief degree description.
  • DD214 detailing military experience.

Criminal Background Checks - To be completed for each city, county, and state of residence within the previous 7 years. The background checks must be completed at each local jurisdiction. Third party background checks will not be accepted. Military personnel may submit a DD-214 form in lieu of criminal background check during 7 previous years.

Indiana Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Check - Must be the original document from the Indiana State Police. For more information on this process please visit our criminal background check information page and be sure to view the instructions specific to the PISG profession.

Proof of Limited Liability Insurance – A certificate of insurance showing a minimum of $100,000. This insurance can be obtained upon board approval, but your license will not be issued until it is received by our office.

Corporate filing paperwork from the Indiana Secretary of State (if applicable) – If you select “Yes” as being registered to conduct business in the state of Indiana as a Corporation, LLC, or Partnership, you must attach a copy of your Secretary of State paperwork. Out of state companies must register as a Foreign Corporation unless you are an individual owner.

Verification of Professional Licensure (if applicable) – Verification of professional licensure from each state where licensure is held or has been held.

What Happens Next

Once you submit your application, a Customer Service Representative will review your information and application. If you have failed to complete the forms properly or if any documentation is missing, you will be contacted by email immediately to remedy the problem.

Upon receipt of all necessary information and forms, your Customer Service Representative will prepare your documents to be reviewed by the Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board. Your application file must be received and completed at least one (1) week prior to the Board Meeting. Once your file is complete, your information will be presented at the next Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board meeting. You may view our board meeting dates page to determine when your application should be submitted.

Once the Board has made their decision, your Customer Service Representative will contact you, by email or mail, and notify you of the Board’s decision.

  • Approval: If your application has been approved, your Customer Service Representative will email you an issuance letter and license number.
  • Approved Pending: If your application has been approved pending, your Customer Service Representative will email you an approval letter stating your approval with the issuance pending specific requirements.
  • Tabled: If your application has been tabled, you will receive notice in the mail as the Board may require you to make a personal appearance at the next Board meeting before finalizing the decision on your application.
  • Denial: If your application has been denied, you will be notified by mail.

Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the file is complete. Your application will be considered abandoned after one (1) year from the date it was originally received by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. If all the requested information has not been received within this one (1) year you must reapply in order to be considered for licensure.