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Renewal Information

  • Physician Assistant licenses expires on June 30th of even-numbered years.
  • The physician assistant renewal fee is $50 if renewed on or before June 30th. If renewed after June 30th a late fee of $50 will be due in addition to your renewal fee.
  • Physician assistants are required to maintain NCCPA certification in order to renew their license to an active status.

Renewal notices are sent approximately ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date. License holders with valid email addresses on file will be emailed the renewal notice. Those who do not have valid email addresses on file will be mailed the license renewal notice; this notice is mailed to the address of record with the board. The board has no way of knowing whether or not a notice reaches its destination; therefore, when a notice has been emailed to a valid email address or mailed , the duty of the board has been performed.

Online renewal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for most license renewals. Online renewal takes only minutes and your renewal will be processed and available for verification the next business day.

Inactive Status

You may renew to inactive status by submitting the inactive renewal document below. You do not have to have a current NCCPA in order to renew on inactive status.  If you are currently on Inactive Status and wish to renew to active status please contact us by email at pla3@pla.in.gov.

Name Change

You may change the name on your license by submitting a copy of an official name change document such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, legal court document, drivers license or a social security card. Also include a letter indicating how you wish your name to read, your address information, license number, telephone number and email address if applicable.

Paper Renewal Documents

To renew your license by paper you must select a document below. Print and mail the completed document with the required renewal fee to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. The address is on the form, and checks should be made payable to 'Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.' If the license renewal document you need is not available, please contact the board by email at pla3@pla.in.gov.

Physician Assistant Renewal Document

CSR - Physician Assistant Renewal Document

Physician Assistant Reinstatement Document (Expired 3+ years)