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Application by Endorsement

Required Documentation

  1. Submit an application online at MyLicense.IN.gov with the $100.00 application fee.  A paper application may be submitted if necessary.
  2. An official (certified) transcript of grades from the school the applicant obtained his or her degree that shows the degree has been conferred. Transcripts must come directly from the degree granting institution. Graduates of a foreign program must submit an official translation if the transcript is not in English.
  3. A copy of a marriage certificate or an official affidavit indicating any legal name change, if your name differs from that on any documents.
  4. Graduates of a foreign program must submit a credentials evaluation completed within the last six (6) months. If an applicant has an evaluation that is greater than six (6) months old, they may request a letter from the credential evaluation service to accompany their outdated evaluation which would indicate that if an evaluation were completed at present the outcome would not change. Approved credentialing services are available here.
  5. Social Security Number - your application cannot be processed without this information.
  6. Criminal background check
  7. Verification of state licensure must be completed by every state where you hold or have held a license or certification.  This must be submitted to the Indiana Physical Therapy Board by the state in which you hold or have held a license or certification.
  8. Official National Physical Therapy Exam score transfer report from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). Please visit their website at www.fsbpt.org to have your exam scores transferred to the Indiana Physical Therapy Board.  Passing score on this exam is a converted score of seventy-five (75).