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Renewing your MD/DO License

  • Physician licenses expire October 31 of every odd-numbered year.
  • The physician renewal fee is $200.
  • Renewal is available online using our MyLicense online license service.
  • For more information regarding the renewal process or to obtain a paper renewal form please visit our renewal information page.

Inactive Status

If you currently hold an active license and would like to renew to an inactive status online renewal is not available. You must obtain an active to inactive renewal form from our renewal information page.  To renew on inactive status you will be required to pay ½ the renewal fee or $100.00 if you renew on or before October 31st. Any license renewed on inactive status after October 31st will be required to pay the $100.00 renewal fee as well as a $50.00 late fee. If your license is currently on inactive status and you wish to renew to active status you must email pla3@pla.in.gov to request a renewal form.

Expired 3+ Years Reinstatement

You may request a license reinstatement form by contacting our office at pla3@pla.in.gov. Please provide us with your name, current address, and license number along with your request for a reinstatement application.

Along with the reinstatement application and $450 reinstatement fee, you need to submit the following information:

  1. Signed work history from the time your Indiana license expired to current.
  2. Official verifications from all states in which you have ever held a license, certificate, permit, or registration.
  3. NPDB/HIPDB report – contact info: PO Box 10832 Chantilly, VA 20153-0832 website: http://www.npdb-hipdb.hrsa.gov

Contact Information

If you have any questions, you may contact the Board office at pla3@pla.in.gov or (317) 234-2060.