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Public Notices

Notice: Senate Enrolled Act 406, Overdose Intervention Drugs, has been signed into law by Governor Pence. The Act allows specified health care professionals with prescriptive authority to dispense, or write a prescription, or prepare a standing order for an overdose intervention drug (naloxone) without examining the individual to whom it may be administered if specified conditions are met. The Act also allows for an individual who is person at risk, a family member, friend, or other individual or entity in a position to assist another individual who, there is reason to believe, is at risk of experiencing an opioid-related overdose, to obtain and administer an overdose intervention drug if certain conditions are met.

The text of SEA 406 can be found here: http://iga.in.gov/static-documents/a/5/6/a/a56af5f3/SB0406.06.ENRS.pdf 

LSA #14-442 Medical Licensing Board Telehealth Services Pilot Program

Telehealth Services Pilot Program Announcement:
Please be advised that the Indiana Medical Licensing Board will be accepting requests for pilot program participation up to their regularly scheduled April 23, 2015 meeting.  Entities requesting to participate should submit a brief outline of their intended pilot program before this meeting and be able to appear for a brief presentation before the Board at the April 23, 2015 meeting at which time the Board will either approve or disapprove of your participation.  Outlines should be submitted to Michael A. Minglin, J.D., General Counsel, in care of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, 402 West Washington Street, Room W072, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204.  Any questions should also be directed to Mr. Minglin via telephone at (317) 234-2912 or email at