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About the Medical Licensing Board

Board Members
History of the Board


The mission of the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana is to protect the public and provide licensure to professionals in the most productive and efficient manner by delivering a high level of customer service to every Hoosier licensee.

Board Members

John Strobel, M.D., Bloomington, Cardiologist, President

  • Appointed December 17, 2015 by Governor Michael Pence

Kirk Masten, D.O., Roanoke, Anesthesiologist, Vice President

  • Appointed April 1, 2011 by Governor Mitch Daniels

Victoria McCann, J.D., Consumer Member, Secretary

  • Appointed July 1, 2014 by Governor Michael Pence

Bharat Barai, M.D., Merrillville, Oncologist

  • Appointed May 23, 2000 by Governor Frank O'Bannon

Rebecca Moredock-Mueller, Greenfield, Psychiatrist

  • Appointed July 1, 2014 by Governor Michael Pence

Michael Busk, M.D., Indianapolis, Pulmonologist 

  • Appointed September 1, 2017 by Governor Eric Holcomb 

Vacant Physician Member

History of the Board

The State Board of Medical Registration and Examination of Indiana was established in 1897.  The first licenses were for physicians.  The Board began issuing osteopathic licenses in 1901.  In 1945, the name changed to the Board of Medical Registration and Examination of Indiana.  Teaching and Postgraduate Training (now Residency & Non-ECFMG or fellowship) permits were first issued in 1965.  In 1975, the name changed again to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana and took its present composition pursuant to IC 25-22.5.   Until 1981, the Board oversaw the chiropractic profession and until 1993, the Board oversaw the podiatry profession.

The Board is comprised of seven members, all appointed by the Governor.  Five are physicians; one is an osteopathic physician; and, one is a consumer member.  Each appointed member may serve on the Board for an unlimited number of four year terms.


The Medical Licensing Board is empowered to issue the following licenses:

  • Medical Doctors (M.D.)
  • Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
  • Licensed Dietitians (L.D.)
  • Anesthesiologist Assistants
  • Genetic Counselors
  • Limited Scope - Physician
  • Non-ECFMG (formerly Fellowship) Permits
  • Postgraduate Training Permits
  • Teaching Permits
  • Diabetes Educators
  • Volunteer Health Care Registry locations
  • Acupuncturists