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Program Closure Application Process - MedTech and ITT

MedTech acquisition by Harrison

When the MedTech PN program was transferred, Harrison College received the coursework and records for all students are were enrolled in the program as current students. Harrison did not receive the transcripts for students who previously graduated from MedTech.

The Indiana Archives and Records Administration has the records of the graduates from the MedTech program. Graduates may go to www.in.gov/iara/3145.htm for the site specific to “Closed Institutions & Student Records” to complete the release of student records form and submit it to the Administration to obtain a copy of their transcripts.

Because the transcripts verify the graduates completed an approved curriculum from a program that was approved at the time of graduation, the transcripts will be acceptable to complete the education requirement for the appropriate license type.

The Closing of all ITT campuses

On November 17, 2016 the Board approved the following motions regarding the closure of ITT:

  • The Board officially approved a curriculum change for ALL ITT students which removed the HESI examination as a prerequisite for completion of the nursing program. The applicant must submit their transcripts for evaluation to ensure they met the remaining requirements for graduation. Transcripts will be reviewed individually in lieu of Certificates of Completion.
  • The digital transcripts can be obtained from Parchment at www.parchment.com/ITT/ or from the state archives atwww.in.gov/iara/3145.htm. The ITT hard records from 2001 and before are available from the state archives as well.
  • TheITT Tech course catalogsfor evaluation can be found at http://go.parchment.com/x0T0000h22n0pDB0hpJSEWt.
  • Pursuant with Board policy, any student that graduated more than 3 years prior to application for approval to test will come before the Board for a Personal Appearance. In addition to providing documentation of completion of the program requirements (minus the HESI examination), the Board may request additional review course completion prior to NCLEX examination.

Application requirements applicants from closed programs – As decided at the November 2016 board meeting

  1. Submit application and fee.
  2. If the Board does not already have a Certificate of Completion from the school the applicant must submit a copy of their transcript which they must request from Parchment www.parchment.com/ITT/ or the state archives www.in.gov/iara/3145.htm.
  3. Submit a statement and supporting documents if there are any positive responses on the application.
  4. Complete the criminal background check

Our education compliance officer will review the education to ensure the program requirements were completed. Once all requirements are complete and the application is approved, the applicant will need to register and pay the NCLEX fee so that they can be made eligible.

  • If the applicant completed the program more than 3 years BEFORE applying – in addition to all the steps above, a personal appearance is required. Once the education is confirmed as complete, the file will be given to the compliance team to schedule the personal appearance. The eligibility to test will be dependent upon the determination from the personal appearance.