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Temporary Permits

Obtain an application by viewing the Application and Instructions page. Use this page to determine if you qualify as a temporary permit applicant.
Submit a completed application with a $100.00 application fee and $50 temporary permit fee.

The Board may issue a temporary permit to practice as a health facility administrator (HFA) or residential care administrator (RCA) to a person who has met all of the following requirements:

  1. has applied to the Board for a license to practice as a HFA or RCA; AND
  2. has a current license as a HFA or RCA in another state; AND
  3. has met the educational requirements of the Board; AND
  4. has completed a Board approved training program or Board determined equivalent; AND
  5. has successfully completed the national examination with a score equivalent to the score required by the State of Indiana. (p
  • The Board may substitute the requirements in item 3 or 4 above with the experience of as a licensed HFA or RCA in another state.
  • Applicants for a temporary permit will be required to take the Indiana Jurisprudence examination for licensure within ninety (90) days of its issuance.

Temporary permits expire upon:

  1. the issuance of a license to the holder of the temporary permit; or
  2. the receipt by the holder of the temporary permit of notice from the Board that the holder of the temporary permit has failed the required examination for licensure; or
  3. failure of an applicant to appear for the scheduled examination. If the applicant presents compelling reasons to the Board in writing for missing the examination, the Board may allow the applicant to submit a new application for a temporary permit.

You may not practice in Indiana as a Health Facility Administrator or Residential Care Administrator without an Indiana license or temporary permit to practice.