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NAB Exam RCAL Exam & Indiana Jurisprudence Exams

NAB and RCAL Examinations

Once the licensure requirements have been satisfied, candidates for the NAB or RCAL examination need to visit the NAB website at http://www.nabweb.org/ to apply for the appropriate examination. 

Indiana Jurisprudence Examination

Please be advised that the PLA will the proctoring the HFA Jurisprudence Exam.  For optimal safe social distancing practices, the jurisprudence exam information is only given to approved applicants.

Candidates for the Indiana State Jurisprudence Examination must meet all the education and experience requirements prior to being approved to take the examination. All applicants for licensure must take and pass the Indiana Jurisprudence examination.

Testing Accommodation Request

If you have a disability that may require some accommodation in taking the examinations, you must submit a Testing Accommodation Request Form to our office.