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License Verification Pocketcards & Wall Certificates

This page is scheduled for deletion. Please update your bookmarks to https://www.in.gov/pla/license/. KB 12/1/2021

To obtain basic information on a practitioner's license for free click here

Verification - This is the verification of an Indiana license to another state. The state of Indiana is now providing a digital certification of the license that you can download and email to your state board. Click the link below to order this verification.

Digital Certification to another state board

Lost, destroyed or stolen pocket-cards - The Professional Licensing Agency is no longer issuing replacement pocketcards. Licenses can be verified online or you may order a duplicate pocketcard using our MyLicense online service.

Wall Certificates - The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency is no longer providing large 11" x 13" wall certificates and instead is providing a 5" x 7" certificate. If you wish to order a large decorative wall certificate please visit officialframes.com and select Professional Licensing.