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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the AIT?
The AIT cannot start till after we have received your HFA or RCA application and you are approved to start. You will receive the notification to start the AIT via email.

How long is the temporary license good for?
The temporary license is only good for a maximum of 90 days or when the HFA or RCA license is issued, whichever come first. The temporary license cannot be renewed.

What happens when I fail the NAB exam or the Law exam?
Your application will be denied. You will be notified via email that you failed the exam and that you will need to mail in the repeat exam application and fee within 90 days.

I failed the exam (NAB or Law exam) and have to reapply, do I need to take another criminal background check?
You will need to take a criminal background check for each application or re-exam application that is sent in. After the application is received, you will be notified to take a criminal background check.

My Preceptor license has expired, how do I make it active to precept another AIT?
The preceptor license is not renewable. Every time you have a new AIT, you will receive a new preceptor license when you apply. The preceptor license is only issued when you have an AIT to train.