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Go to MyLicense.IN.gov and you will either need to create or login to your Access Indiana, single sign-on account. You will complete the online application and submit payment with a credit or debit card. You will be contacted by a customer service representative with details of what additional documentation is required to complete your application. Applications are processed in the order received.

Broker License Application Instructions – For New Licensees Only

If you are currently licensed in another state you may contact our office to find out if we have reciprocity with your state of licensure.

  • Completed Application: Applications may be submitted online at MyLicense.IN.gov or completed by paper and mailed to our office. Be sure to include an email address as this is how your licensure status will be communicated.
  • Application fee of $60.00: Pay by credit or debit card for applications submitted online at MyLicense.IN.gov. If applying by paper/mail make checks or money orders payable to Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.  All application fees are nonrefundable.
  • Positive Response Documentation: If you answer "Yes" to any criminal history/discipline questions on the application or no to the diploma question, explain fully in a statement that includes all details. Include the violation, location, date, and disposition. Submit copies of court documents for each instance to support the statement. If malpractice, provide the name(s) of the plaintiff(s). Letters from attorneys or insurance companies are not accepted in lieu of your statement, however they may accompany your affidavit.
  • Name Change:  An official affidavit indicating any legal name change, a copy of a marriage certificate, or divorce decree is acceptable if your name differs from that on any of your documents.
  • Broker Pre-Licensing Course Completion: If you are applying online, you must upload a digital copy of this document when you apply.  If you are applying by paper application, you must ensure this document is submitted with the paper application.
  • Licensing Examination Score Report:  You must submit the original score sheet you received from Pearson Vue after passing the licensing examination.  If you are applying online, you must upload a digital copy of this document when you apply.  If you are applying by paper application, you must ensure this document is submitted with the paper application.
  • Verification of Licensure: Verification of any registration/license/certification to practice any profession or occupation in another state or territory. Verifications must be submitted directly from the state of issuance by email or mail.  You may find the verification form here.
  • Broker or Broker Company Information: If you wish to have your license issued in an active status you will need to provide the names and license numbers of the broker or Broker Company you will be working under. If this section is left blank, your license will be issued in unassigned status unless you select inactive. You are required to complete continuing education (CE) in unassigned status. (Inactive and referral status does not require CE for renewal)

*If approved for reciprocity, you will receive authorization to sit for the state law portion of the licensing examination. If your application is not accepted by reciprocity, you will be required to apply by examination.*

Issuance of License: Upon issuance, you will be sent an email notifying you that your license has been issued. There will be instructions on how to purchase a blue license card to be mailed to you or how to download a free license card for immediate printing. You may log in to confirm issuance here.

The Fair Information Practice Act: In compliance with Ind. Code 4-1-6, this agency is notifying you that you must provide the requested information, or your application will not be processed. You have the right to challenge, correct, or explain information maintained by this agency. The information you provide will become public record. Your examination scores and grade transcripts are confidential except in circumstances where their release is required by law, in which case you will be notified.

Mandatory Disclosure of U.S. Social Security Number: Your social security number is being requested by this state agency in accordance with Ind. Code 4-1-8-1 and 25-1-5- 11(a). Disclosure is mandatory, and this record cannot be processed without it.

Failure to disclose your U.S. social security number will result in the denial of your application. Application fees are not refundable.

Abandon Applications:  If an applicant does not submit all requirements within one (1) year after the date on which the application is filed, the application for licensure is abandoned without any action of the Board. An application submitted after an abandoned application shall be treated as a new application.

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