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License Renewal and Transfer

License Renewal

Where do I renew my license?

During the renewal period in 2017, you can Click here to sign in to renew your license. If you are renewing an expired license, please complete the submit the renewal application.

What is my user name if renewing online?

Your user name for signing in is the letters and numbers making up your license number.

What is my password?

Your password for signing in is the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Is there a fee to renew my license?

Yes.  The fees associated with renewal of licenses can be found here.

What requirements do I need to meet for renewal?

If your license expired on June 30, 2014, you must have completed twenty four (24) hours of approved continuing education, with two (2) of those hours being in License Law (unless inactive or referral status). You must apply for reinstatement of the license and pay the renewal and late fee of $110.00

License Transfer

How do I transfer my license?

Transfer your license online!  Information and a user guide are available at the Online License Transfer information page.
NOTE:  Some transactions cannot be performed with the online transfer system. As a rule of thumb, if your transfer requires additional documentation then you will need to submit the reassignment form to our office.  Instructions for filling out the form can be found here.

What if the broker my license is assigned to cannot or will not fill out the necessary information on the form?

Fill out the sections applicable to your own license, and the section regarding the broker you will be affiliating your license with, and send this to the IPLA office.  Include with the form a letter explaining the circumstances under which the broker your license is currently under has not completed the necessary information.

Is there a fee to transfer your license?

Yes, there is a ten dollar ($10.00) fee associated with license transfer. The online transfer system charges a nominal fee for credit card use, in addition to the ten dollars ($10.00). 

For any submitted forms, please make any check payable to “Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.”

When I send in to transfer from my employer, when can I go to work?

If you submit a transfer online that requires approval of a new broker, processing of your transfer will depend on when it is approved by this broker. When your transfer is completed and you pay the fee, a confirmation email is sent to this broker. This broker must sign into the system, and click "Approve" for the process to be completed. Within 24-48 hours of this approval, your new association will be reflected in our system.

Once your request has been processed you can begin to work under your new broker. You can verify your new assignment on our website here. Enter your license number, select your name. This screen will show your current association.