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The Disciplinary Process

The Indiana Real Estate Commission is charged with the responsibility of disciplining licensees who have violated practice standards, acted dishonestly, or acted unethically.  The disciplinary process begins with a consumer complaint filed with the Indiana Attorney General’s office.  Following an investigation of the consumer complaint, the Attorney General may file an administrative complaint with the Commission.  The administrative complaint names the State of Indiana as the petitioner and a deputy attorney general represents the state.  The complaint describes the alleged conduct the professional (referred to as the respondent) has engaged in, and the standards of practice the professional has allegedly violated.

Disciplinary hearings are held before the Commission at its scheduled meetings or before an administrative law judge panel appointed by the Commission.  After a hearing, the board will deliberate and make its findings of fact and conclusions of law.  The Commission then determines the appropriate disciplinary sanction, if any, to impose on the professional's license. Possible sanctions include revocation, suspension, probation, censure, reprimand, or a combination of these. The Commission also has the authority to impose fines on licensees.  A case may be resolved through a settlement agreement, in which case, there will be no evidentiary hearing.

For more information on the disciplinary process, please click here.


File a Complaint

Consumer complaints are filed with the Indiana Attorney General.  The Commission does not receive consumer complaints.  To file a complaint with the Attorney General, please click here.