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INDIANA CODE § 25-28.5 - Plumbers

Chapter 1. Regulation of Plumbers; Creation of Commission; Licensing
Chapter 2. Plumbers Recovery Fund

Title 860, Article 1 - General Provisions

Rule 1. Licenses; Applications for Renewal
Rule 2. Definitions
Rule 3. Examinations; Journeyman Plumber; Plumbing Contractor
Rule 4. Advertising
Rule 5. Competent Practice of Plumbing

Title 860, Article 2 - Apprentice Plumbing

Rule 1. Registration and Training

Indiana Code 25-1 - Professions and Occupations

The cite for the Plumbing Practice Act of Indiana is IC 25-28.5
The cite for the Uniform Standards of Practice is IC 25-1-11
The rules of the board are located in Title 860 of the Indiana Administrative Code.