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Fee Schedule

**License Issuance Fees will be determined based upon the year that the license is issued and is NOT based upon the year the application was received.
For example: An application that has been received in December 2019 may be issued in January 2020, which will require an even-year issuance fee

Journeyman Plumber
Examination (Reexamination fees please see PROV link) $30
Odd year issuance $15
Even year issuance $30
Recovery Fund $0
Renewal - Every two (2) years $30
Plumbing Contractor
Examination (Reexamination fees see PROV link) $50
Odd year issuance $50
Even year issuance $100
Recovery Fund $0
Renewal - Every two (2) years $100
Temporary Plumbing Contractor (plus recovery fund) $25
Plumbing Contractor Corporation
Issuance $50
Recovery Fund $0
Renewal Fee - 2 years $100
Apprentice Plumber Registration
Issuance $10
Renewal $10