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Annual Reporting Requirements

Before March 31 of each year, a certified direct entry midwife shall report to the Committee the following information from the previous calendar year.   All reports may be submitted to pla3@pla.in.gov.  Click here to access the form. 

Required Information:

  • Number of live births
  • Number of still births
  • Number of maternal deaths
  • Average number of weeks of pre-natal care provided
  • Average number of weeks of post-partum care provided
  • Number of emergency transports to the hospital or other emergency facility
  • Number of transfers of care pre-natal, intrapartum and post-partum
  • Number of referrals pursuant to 844 IAC 17-1-9 pre-natal, intrapartum and post-partum, including reasons for referrals
  • Number of mother breastfeeding 6 weeks post-partum