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Wholesale Drug Distributor Information

UPDATED INFORMATION ON THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS PROVIDERS (1.22.2019) - The Board has finalized its emergency rule for Third Party Logistics Providers.  You may view it here.  The Board is now accepting applications for third party logistics providers.  Please include with the application the fee and a recent inspection report or VAWD certification. Non-resident 3PLs will also need to submit verification of each 3PL or wholesale license they hold, or, if they are not licensed by a state, provide proof of licensure with the FDA. The application can be accessed here.

Third party logistics providers currently licensed as wholesale drug distributors, who indicated on their previous renewal that they are 3PLs, have been converted to a 3PL license.  If you need to change now from a wholesale drug distributor license to a 3PL license, you will need to apply for a 3PL license.