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Pharmacist Application

Apply Online Now!

Go to MyLicense.IN.gov and you will either need to create or login to your Access Indiana, single sign-on account. You will complete the online application and submit payment with a credit or debit card. You will be contacted by a customer service representative with details of what additional documentation is required to complete your application. Applications are processed in the order received.

Pharmacist Application Instructions

  • Completed Application: Applications may be submitted online at MyLicense.IN.gov or completed by paper and mailed to our office.
  • Application fee $100.00: Pay by credit or debit card for applications submitted online at MyLicense.IN.gov. If applying by paper/mail make checks or money orders payable to Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.  All application fees are nonrefundable.
  • Documentation Proving Practical Experience: practical experience requirements (as listed below)
  • Proof of Graduation: Original copy of the transcript(s) if education is from a pharmacy program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) OR a pharmacy program accredited by the Canadian Council on Pharmacy Accreditation (CCPA).  If you have graduated from a school of pharmacy located outside the United States or Canada, or from a school accredited by CCPA,  submit a certified copy of Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Committee (FPGEC) certificate.
  • Verification of Licensure: Verification of any registration/license/certification to practice any health-related profession or occupation in another state or territory.  Verifications must be submitted directly from the state of issuance.  You may find the verification form here.
  • Name Change Documentation: Documentation of any legal name change if your name differs from that on any of your documents. Documentation may include a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree.
  • Positive Response Documentation: If you answer "Yes" to any questions on the application, explain fully in a statement that includes all details. Include the violation, location, date, cause number, and disposition. Submit copies of court documents for each instance to support the statement. If malpractice, provide the name(s) of the plaintiff(s).
  • Criminal Background Check Required:  An individual applying for a license shall submit to a national criminal history background check at the cost of the individual.  Please see the step-by-step directions on how to complete the fingerprinting process for your criminal background check by visiting www.in.gov/pla/3241.htm.
  • Exam Reports: Have passed the NAPLEX and MPJE

Information about the FPGEC Certificate may be obtained from NABP at http://www.nabp.net/. The FPGEC certificate is required by IC 25-26-13-11. There are no alternatives to this requirement and it cannot be waived.

→  If you have not yet graduated, you may submit your application (except for page 3, "Certificate of Completion"), fee, and any other required documentation prior to graduating.  You may also go ahead and register for the NAPLEX and MPJE at www.nabp.net. The Certificate of Completion may be forwarded after graduation; once received, your application file can be considered complete and you may be made eligible for the examination.

The Fair Information Practice Act:  In compliance with Ind. Code 4-1-6, this agency is notifying you that you must provide the requested information, or your application will not be processed. You have the right to challenge, correct, or explain information maintained by this agency. The information you provide will become public record. Your examination scores and grade transcripts are confidential except in circumstances where their release is required by law, in which case you will be notified.

Mandatory Disclosure of U.S. Social Security Number: Your social security number is being requested by this state agency in accordance with Ind. Code 4-1-8-1 and 25-1-5- 11(a). Disclosure is mandatory, and this record cannot be processed without it.

Failure to disclose your U.S. social security number will result in the denial of your application. Application fees are not refundable.

Abandon Applications:  If an applicant does not submit all requirements within one (1) year after the date on which the application is filed, the application for licensure is abandoned without any action of the Board. An application submitted after an abandoned application shall be treated as a new application.

Licensed in Another State:

If you are a licensed pharmacist in another State, you have to go to the NABP site (https://nabp.pharmacy/) and use their application for a license transfer.  This is an electronic application, however you must print it off and mail it to the Indiana Board with the following requirements:

  • $100 application fee - check or money order payable to Professional Licensing Agency
  • Once everything is received and the application shows pending on our website, you may at that time move forward with obtaining your Criminal Background Check.

PLEASE NOTE: Contrary to what the NABP website states, the Indiana Board of Pharmacy is not accepting the electronic version of the application from the NABP; you must print a copy of it and mail it in to us with the fee and photo.

Documentation Required for “Yes” Responses on Page 2

If you have responded in the affirmative ("yes") to one of the questions on an application, then you must explain fully, including all related details, in a signed and notarized statement.  You must also submit documentation regarding the incident(s) in question.  Below, find a list of documents that will be requested by the Board if not submitted.  The Board may, however, request information in addition to what is listed below upon reviewing the information submitted.

Question #1: Copies of all Board orders filed against the license.  If action has been lifted against your license, then verification of this is required as well.
Question #2: Submit a copy of the denial notification as well as any other documentation relating to the denial.
Question #3: Submit all related court documentation regarding the pending charges. 
Question #4a or 4b: Submit all related court documentation that indicate the charge, plea, sentence requirements, and, if the sentence requirements have been met, verification of completion of sentencing requirements.
Question #5: Nothing additional; however, after reviewing your statement, the Board may request additional information.
Question #6: Submit a copy of the judgment.
Question #7: Submit a current evaluation from an approved addictionologist.

Fee Information

Candidates must submit a one hundred dollars ($100) application fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to the "Professional Licensing Agency".  This fee must be submitted with the application and photograph to the following:

Professional Licensing Agency
402 West Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Candidates may register online for the NAPLEX and MPJE at http://www.nabp.net/ and submit the examination fees by Visa or MasterCard.  

  • NAPLEX fee:  check with NABP for the cost
  • MPJE fee:  check with NABP for the cost

No candidates will be authorized to schedule an appointment (given ATT) to take the examination until fees have been received and application is complete.

NAPLEX/MPJE Examination Information

Practical Experience and/Intern Hour Requirements

ACPE Accredited Program Graduates - Candidates will comply with intern hour requirements by completing the practical experience requirements of the school of pharmacy from which the intern has graduated if the curriculum of the school has been accredited by the ACPE. No additional hours are required to be completed. Out of state graduates of ACPE accredited programs are not required to have their hours transferred or verified to our state.  The Certificate of Completion that is filed with our office by your pharmacy school verifies your hours as required for graduation; no additional hours are required to be completed.

CCAP Accredited Program Graduates - Candidates may comply with intern requirements by completing the practical experience requirements of the school of pharmacy from which the intern has graduated if the curriculum of the school has been accredited by the CCAPP. Intern hours earned in Indiana cannot be certified by the Board unless the candidate has a valid intern permit. Hours will not be credited until the intern permit is issued. Candidates wishing to complete their hours in Indiana while awaiting test results should obtain an intern permit as soon as possible.

Non-Accredited Pharmacy Program Graduates - Candidates may comply with intern requirements by submitting proof of 1500 intern experience hours served in a licensed pharmacy setting. If part or all of these hours are to be served in Indiana, you must apply for and receive an intern permit prior to beginning your hours. If you earn hours in another state, you must be properly licensed to earn hours in that state and have that state board of pharmacy transfer hours to Indiana.


If you have questions concerning the the application process or the status of a filed examination application, please e-mail the Board at pla4@pla.IN.gov.