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Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing Education Requirement for the July 1, 2020 Renewal: The Indiana Board of Chiropractic Examiners will accept any part or all of the required continuing education hours by distance learning that is provided by an approved organization as specified in Indiana Code IC 25-1-4-0.2.

Practitioners are required to have completed twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education acquired after July 1, 2018.  Included within the twenty-four (24) hour requirement are eight (8) hours of approved courses in public health and/or risk management.  

Continuing education is not required for the year in which the initial license was issued. Therefore, a person who was issued an original chiropractic license between the dates of July 1, 2018 and July 1, 2019 is only required to submit twelve (12) hours of continuing education including four (4) hours of public health and/or risk management courses. A person who is issued an original license after July 1, 2019 is not required to submit continuing education for the next renewal.

Approval of Chiropractic Continuing Education Programs
Under the statutory provision as listed below, if a program is designed to directly enhance the practitioner's knowledge and skill in providing services relevant to the chiropractor's profession or occupation and falls under an "Approved Organization" it is no longer necessary to submit an application for continuing education approval by the Indiana Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Under IC 25-1-4-0.2:
Sec. 0.2. As used in this chapter, "approved organization" refers to the following:

  1. United States Department of Education.
  2. Council on Post-Secondary Education.
  3. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals.
  4. Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations.
  5. Federal, state, and local government agencies.
  6. A college or other teaching institution accredited by the United States Department of Education or the Council on Post-Secondary Education.
  7. A national organization of practitioners whose members practicing in Indiana are subject to regulation by a board or agency regulating a profession or occupation under this title or IC 15.
  8. A national, state, district, or local organization that operates as an affiliated entity under the approval of any organization listed in subdivisions (1) and (7).
  9. An internship or a residency program conducted in a hospital that has been approved by an organization listed in subdivisions (1) through (7).
  10. Any other organization or individual approved by the Board.

Also, under IC 25-1-4-0.5:
Sec. 0.5. As used in this chapter, "continuing education means an orderly process of instruction that is approved by an approved organization or the board that is designed to directly enhance the practitioner's knowledge and skill in providing services relevant to the practitioner's profession or occupation.

Approved Organization with Automatic Approval

  1. Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City
  2. Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles
  3. D'Youville College
  4. Life University
  5. Life Chiropractic College West
  6. Logan College of Chiropractic
  7. National University of Health Sciences
  8. New York Chiropractic College
  9. Northwestern Health Sciences University
  10. Palmer College of Chiropractic (Iowa)
  11. Palmer Colleg of Chiropractic (Florida)
  12. Palmer College of Chiropractic West
  13. Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
  14. Southern California University of Health Sciences
  15. Texas Chiropractic College
  16. University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic
  17. Western States Chiropractic College
  18. Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards
  19. American Chiropractic Association
  20. International Chiropractic Association of Indiana
  21. Indiana State Chiropractic Association
  22. All National, State and Local Chiropractic Associations

All programs, which are sponsored by the above organizations, must directly enhance the practitioner's knowledge and skill in providing services relevant to the chiropractic profession.

Licensee Responsibilities

  • Continuing education credits may not be carried over from one renewal period to the next renewal period.
  • A maximum of twelve (12) hours may be obtained within each licensure year.
  • A licensee must retain a record of completion of continuing education for three (3) years.
  • A licensee must present verification of completion of continuing education upon request by the Board.
  • All programs attended must directly enhance the practitioner's knowledge and skill in providing services relevant to the chiropractic profession or occupation.
  • All programs that are attended to renew your chiropractic license must fall under an approved organization as stated in IC 25-1-4-0.2 or be approved by the Board.
  • The Board will not approve or accept for renewal of licensure programs in the area of practice management.
  • Public Health and/or Risk management hours must be designated on your certificate or transcripts as public health and/or risk management hours or credit will not be given.
  • If a program does not fall under IC 25-1-4-0.2 as an Approved Organization, the Sponsoring Organization is required to submit an application for continuing education approval.

Risk Management
Risk management is defined as the chiropractor's legal responsibility to his or her patient as provided by 846 IAC 1-3-3 and IC 25-1-9.

Continuing Education Certificates
A licensee is not required to submit copies of their continuing education certificates at the time of renewal. By renewing online or signing the renewal application you swear or affirm under the penalties of perjury that you have completed the continuing education requirement. A practitioner shall retain copies of continuing education certificates for three (3) years from the end of the licensing period. After the renewal, a percentage of practitioners will be chosen in a random audit to submit copies of their continuing education certificates. If the practitioner does not comply with the audit the Board will proceed with action against the licensee.

Copies of Statute and Rules
Copies of the statute and rules that relate to renewal and continuing education are available to download at
Chiropractic Statues and Rules.