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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant Related

What is the application fee for an Auctioneer license?
Examination application fee is $35.00.
License application fee for an exam applicant, reciprocal applicant, and auction company license is $70.00.
A complete list of fees can be found on the Fee Schedule.

Do you have to attend school to become an auctioneer?
Yes, pursuant to Indiana law, an examination applicant must have completed eighty (80) actual hours of auction instruction from a pre-course provider approved by the Indiana Auctioneer Commission.

What is required to apply for licensure?
A completed application, a 70.00 application fee, a $35.00 examination application fee, and proof of school completion.

When and where is the auctioneer exam given?
The auctioneer exam takes place every odd month and is given at the Indiana Government Center South.  The exam begins at Noon (local time) and ends at 4:00 p.m.  An exam applicant will be notified by staff when he/she is scheduled to take the exam.  No walk-in examination candidates are allowed.

Can a failed examination be reviewed?
No.  Effective August 15, 2012, a change in Commission policy prohibits review of a failed examination.  This change was enacted to protect the security and integrity of the examination.

Can a failed examination be petitioned for review?
Yes, a petition for review of a failed examination can be granted if the examinee failed the examination by three (3) or less points.  The petition must be submitted in writing and received no later than eighteen (18) days the date of the failed examination notification.

Which states does Indiana have reciprocal license agreements with?
Alabama, Arkansas, California (if licensed prior to May 1, 1992), Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

What is required when applying for a reciprocal license in Indiana?
The completed application (including the section accepting the process or pleading on page two), the license fee of $70.00, and an original verification of licensure from the reciprocal state and any other state the applicant holds or has held a license in.

I am applying for a reciprocal license in another state; where do I obtain a license verification?
A license verification can be obtained only through a digital certification.

Can I get an auctioneer temporary permit?
No, as of July 1, 2014 temporary permits are no longer available.

Is an auctioneer license required for an owner of an auction company?
No, the owner of an auction company is not required to be a licensed auctioneer.  However, a licensed auctioneer must be designated to conduct all auctions.

License Holder Related

When does my license expire?
Auctioneer and auction company licenses expire at midnight, February 28 every fourth year, on the even year (2020, 2024, etc).

Does an auctioneer need continuing education courses before renewing his/her license?
An auctioneer must successfully complete sixteen (16) hours of CE from a continuing education provider approved by the Indiana Auctioneer Commission before renewing the license.  Pursuant to IC 25-6.1-9-7, a licensee who is initially licensed in the fourth (4th) year of the renewal period is exempt from the CE requirement for that renewal period only.

What is the continuing education requirement?
Sixteen hours (16) in the following subjects:

  • A.  Indiana statutes and rules governing auctioneering
    B.  Federal statutes governing auctioneering
    C.  Auctioneering ethics
    D.  Escrow and trust funds
    E.  Contracts
    F.  Any other subject matter approved by the Commission
Any hours above the required six (6) hours in core subjects can count toward the required elective hours.
  • Ten (10) hours in any of the following elective subjects:
    A.  Agency
    B.  Business courses related to auctioneering
    C.  Auction management
    D.  Bid calling
    E.  Public speaking
    F.  Advertising
    G.  Specialty auction topics
    H.  Any other matter approved by the Commission

How is continuing education reported?
When an auctioneer license is renewed, the auctioneer affirms the continuing education requirements have been fulfilled.  Certificates of completion do not need to be submitted to the Commission upon renewal.  The Commission conducts a random audit to check for compliance.  If selected, an auctioneer will be notified and be required to submit proof of completion of the required 16 hours at that time.

Can an extension to obtain the continuing education be granted?
The Commission does not grant extensions to obtain continuing education.  A licensee may obtain hours after the renewal deadline but the license cannot be renewed until all continuing education requirements have been satisfied.  Continuing education hours obtained to renew the expired license can only be counted for that renewal; the hours cannot be double counted for the upcoming license renewal.

Can a waiver be obtained for the continuing education?
Pursuant to IC 25-1-4-4 a licensee can petition the Commission for a waiver for all or part of the required 16 hours.

Is continuing education required if a license is inactive?
No, if an auctioneer has an inactive license no continuing education is required before renewing the license.

How is an inactive license activated?
An activation form must be completed and submitted.  Proof of 16 hours of continuing education taken during the current renewal period is required as well.

How is an expired license renewed?
If the license has been expired less than 18 months, it can be renewed online.  The login ID is the complete license number and the password is the last four digits of the licensee's social security number.  If the license has been expired for more than 18 months please email pla14@pla.in.gov to request a renewal form.

Is a licensed auctioneer required to have a bond?
No, an auctioneer recovery fund exists.  An aggrieved person, after all other legal steps have been exhausted, may file an application for an order directing payment out of the recovery fund.

Is a licensed auctioneer required to have an escrow account?
Yes, an escrow account is required for all licensed auctioneers.  The account may be an interest or non-interest bearing account.

Where can contact information be updated?
Contact information for individuals can be updated online.  The login ID is the complete license number and the password is the last four digits of the licensee's social security number.  Contact information for auction companies and education providers can be updated by emailing the information to pla14@pla.in.gov.

Where can a name change be reported?
Legal name change documents may be submitted through your account at MyLicense.IN.gov. Or you may submit the legal name change, along with supporting documentation to pla14@pla.in.gov.  Please include the licensee number in the correspondence.