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Applications for Hearing Aid Dealers

We are pleased to announce that Indiana has a contract with I.H.S. for the computerized written exam.  You will need to complete the examination application and mail it in to our office with all requirements and the examination fee.  If you have any questions, you may contact us at pla4@pla.in.gov or (317) 234-2067.

We will send your information to I.H.S. and they will in turn send you the authorization to test by email.

Apply online now!

Go to MyLicense.IN.gov and you will either need to create or login to your Access Indiana, single sign-on account. You will complete the online application and submit payment with a credit or debit card. You will be contacted by a customer service representative with details of what additional documentation is required to complete your application. Applications are processed in the order received.

  1. Application: Applications may be submitted online at MyLicense.IN.gov or completed by paper and mailed to our office.
  2. Application Fee of $60.00: Pay by credit or debit card for applications submitted online at MyLicense.IN.gov. If applying by paper/mail make checks or money orders payable to Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. All application fees are nonrefundable.
  3. Additional Documentation: Documentation may be uploaded as part of the online application process, or you may log back into your account at MyLicense.IN.gov and use the License Update feature to submit documentation after your initial application has been submitted.
    • Name Change Documentation: Documentation of any legal name change if your name differs from that on any of your documents. Documentation may include a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree.
    • Positive Response Documentation: If you answer "Yes" to any disciplinary/background questions on the application, explain fully in a statement that includes all details. Include the violation, location, date and disposition. Submit copies of court documents for each instance to support the statement.
  4. Education: Applicants may submit an official transcript from the college or university from which a degree was obtained, or a notarized copy of a high school diploma, certificate, or GED. E-transcripts may be submitted to pla4@pla.in.gov.
  5. License Verification(s): If you are licensed in any other state(s) you must provide official verifications from the state(s) you are licensed in. If needed, you may send this request form to the other states to complete.

The practical examinations are held in the conference center of the Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204.  If you pass your written examination, you will be automatically scheduled for the next practical exam.  If you are retaking the practical exam, please have your application and all requirements into our office at least two (2) weeks prior to the practical exam.

Scheduled examination dates are available here.

Examination Requirements: All applicants must take and successfully pass a written and practical examination prior to being registered. Once the application is complete, the Committee will make you eligible to take the written examination. I.H.S. will provide directions on how to schedule and take the written examination. If you fail the written examination, your application will be denied and you will need to reapply to retake the examination. If you have failed more than twice you will be required to make a personal appearance, along with your hearing aid dealer supervisor, before the Committee for approval to sit for the examination a third time. Once you have passed the written examination, you will be scheduled to take the practical examination. The practical examination is administered four times a year. If you fail the practical examination, your application will be denied and you will need to reapply to retake the examination. However, you will only be required to take those segments of the practical examination that you failed.

Applicants Licensed in Other States: Indiana does not offer reciprocity to applicants licensed in another state. All applicants must meet the application and examination requirements. If you have taken the I.H.S. written examination in another state you will need to contact I.H.S. and have them send your score report to the Committee. After receiving all required documents, and assuming prior passage of the I.H.S. written examination, you will be scheduled to take the practical examination. If you have not previously taken the I.H.S. written examination, you will need to take and pass that before taking the practical examination.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact our office at (317) 234-2067 or at pla4@pla.in.gov.