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LMHC - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the Indiana Board consider the NCE exam as an equivalent exam for the LMHC license?
    No, all applicants must take and pass the NCMHCE exam in order to be considered eligible for a license.
  2. Can I use my hours of internship, advanced internship, and practicum hours towards my post-graduate experience and supervision requirements?
    No. The pre-degree hours of experience and supervision are a separate requirement of 700 hours from the 3000 post-graduate hours requirement.
  3. My school did not have an advanced internship, am I still eligible for licensure?
    Yes, as long as you have completed a 100 hour practicum and 600 hour internship to meet the 700 hour requirement of pre-degree experience. You must also have a minimum of 66 hours of face to face supervision during that time. If you do not meet that minimum hour requirement, you will have to re-enroll in a graduate counseling program in order to obtain the additional hours you need.
  4. Does the Board accept degrees from on-line universities?
    Yes, as long as the degree meets the coursework requirements and you have completed the 700 hour pre-degree experience and supervision requirements.
  5. How do I register for the my exam?
    You must first submit your application to the Board for approval. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email from the Board on how to schedule your exam through the NBCC.
  6. How often is the exam offered?
    The exam is offered regularly through the NBCC. Our office will receive your scores the following month from when you took the exam. For example if you took your exam in January we will not receive your scores until February.
  7. Does the board offer a temporary permit?
    Yes, the Board offers a non-renewable temporary permit. The permit expires upon notification of passage or failure of the exam.
  8. When will I receive my temporary license?
    Once your application is officially approved by the Board and you have been registered for exam.
  9. I am not sure if I have the right coursework, will the board review my transcript if I send it in?
    No, however, you can submit an official application with a letter requesting that your courses be reviewed at the next available board meeting. It is highly recommended that you include copies of the syllabus for each course you are having reviewed.
  10. How do I calculate my 3000 hour post-degree hour requirement?
    You will need to review IC 25-23.6-8.5 and 839 IAC 1-5-1.5 to determine how the hours earned can apply for licensure. Please be advised that any hours obtained in the State of Indiana must occur under an active temporary permit, or active license.
  11. Who is considered a qualified supervisor?
    Based upon IC 25-23.6-8.5-4 you supervision can be provided by a licensed clinical social worker, licensed a marriage and family therapist, licensed as a physician who has training in psychiatric medicine, licensed as a psychologist, licensed as a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatric or mental health nursing, or a mental health professional of equivalent status if the supervision was provided in a state where no regulation exists.
  12. How do I purchase a study guide for the exam?
    Please visit the following webpage: http://www.nbcc.org/