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Remote Locations & Remote Dispensing Facilities (Telepharmacy)

The Board may approve a remote or mobile location for Category I, II, or III permits. Pharmacy practice in a mobile or remote location may include, but is not limited to, telepharmacy, automated dispensing, or delivery of cognitive services. 

Please click here for more information on how to add a remote location to an existing pharmacy.  This is limited to remote locations that are located within a hospital or ambulatory outpatient surgical center (licensed under IC 16-21-2), or a health facility (licensed under IC 16-28).

The Board may also register locations that are not in a hospital, ambulatory outpatient surgical center, or health facility as remote dispensing facilities.  A remote dispensing facility is a "facility or an automated dispensing system where prescription drugs are prepared or dispensed without the requirement of the use of an onsite pharmacist and where pharmacist supervision may be provided remotely."

For more information regarding the requirements for remote dispensing facilities, please review IC 25-26-13.5 as well as the Board's emergency rule regarding remote dispensing facilities, which can be viewed here. This rule becomes effective August 30, 2018.

Please note that you may not use a remote location machine until the inspection has been completed and the license has been issued.  You cannot open a remote dispensing facility until the inspection has been completed and the license issued.

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