Application & Instructions

Requirement for Licensure

A person may not use the title of "licensed diabetes educator" or profess to be a licensed diabetes educator unless they hold a diabetes educator license.

A diabetes educator license, however, is not required to provide diabetes education.

Documents Required for Licensure

Note - All copies must be notarized with the statement "this is a true and accurate copy of the original."

  1. Completed Application - Application For Licensure As A Diabetes Educator
  2. Application Fee - $50 in the form of a check or money order payable to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
  3. Verification of education or training (choose one)
    1. Proof of completion of American Association of Diabetes Educators core concepts course, with demonstrable experience of at least 1,000 hours within the previous 4 years (400 hours must be within the previous year)
    2. Proof of credentialing with American Association of Diabetes Educators
    3. Proof of credentialing with National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators
  4. Verification of other state licenses - an applicant who currently holds, or has previously held, a license, certification, or registration issued by another state to practice any health profession must request verification of license status from the state that issued that license, certification, or registration. The verification must be sent directly to the board from the agency that issued the license,  certification, or registration. Official electronic verification will also be accepted.
  5. Name Change Documentation (if applicable) - If your name has changed or differs on any documents submitted, please include an official name change document such as a marriage license or divorce decree.
  6. Criminal Background Check - An applicant will receive an email from their respective board with the official date the application was processed.  Fingerprints must be submitted on or after the date of this email notice for the CBC to be considered valid and timely.  CBCs conducted prior to the email notice date will not be considered. Please review our criminal background check webpage for more information.

Positive Response

If you have answered any of the questions on the application “yes” you must submit a notarized affidavit detailing the occurrence/situation, the outcome, date of occurrence, if it is a malpractice payment the amount paid in your behalf.  If applicable please submit copies of all court documents and/or arrest records. Letters from attorneys or insurance companies are not accepted in lieu of your statement.