State Registration of Privately Certified Individuals

Important notice regarding changes to the law affecting the state registration of privately certified individuals.

Pursuant to House Enrolled Act 1003, the Pilot Program for the Registration of Privately Certified Individuals was repealed by operation of law. 

As a result of this statutory change, registrants with the Privately Certified Registry will see a change in his or her registration. All registrants will be placed on the status of “Expired” by operation of law.

Please note, you may have received a renewal notice as a result of this change. Please disregard this notice. At this time, there is no need to apply for renewal.

For more information on House Enrolled Act 1003, please visit the Indiana General Assembly website at


In 2015, Governor Mike Pence signed into law House Enrolled Act 1303 establishing the Pilot Program for State Registration of Privately Certified Individuals (Privately Certified Registry).  The Privately Certified Registry provides an avenue for consumers to identify a state registered professional and assures the consumer such professionals are credentialed through a supporting organization.  The mission of both Governor Holcomb and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency is to provide consumers with necessary information regarding the professional from whom they seek services, so they can make the most informed decision to address their specific needs.  The Privately Certified Registry ensures Hoosiers have access to pertinent information on state registered professionals as well as their supporting organizations.

Supporting Organizations

This is a current list of supporting organizations and registration types.  For more information on the requirements for each type of registration, please visit the association web page.

Returning Users

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Indiana Registry List

To view a full listing of privately certified registrants, please click the link below. Select the profession of "Privately Certified Registry" and choose the registration type you would like to view from the license type dropdown.

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