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Renewal Information

Respiratory Care Practitioner's Licenses expire on December 31 of even-numbered years. The next renewal date is December 31, 2018.

Continuing Education
Continuing education is a requirement for renewal.  View CE requirements

Renewal Information
Renewal notices are sent approximately ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date.  Licensees with a valid email address on file will be emailed the renewal information.   Licensees that do not have a valid email address on file will be mailed license renewal information.   This notice is mailed to the licensee's address of record with the Committee.   

Online Renewal
You can renew your license online using
PLA Online Services

Renew by Mail
You may print a paper renewal from the
Renewal Documents page.   

License Cards
The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency no longer automatically mails updated license cards when your license is renewed.   You can determine if your renewal has been received and processed by accessing our free
Online Verification Search.  Please allow 1 business day for your license to be updated.  Once you verify that your license has been renewed, you may order a new license card online at PLA Online Services.  You will be given the option to download a free license card for immediate printing or to purchase a blue license card to be mailed to you.   

Renewal Fee
The fee for renewal of a respiratory care practitioner's license will be $50.00.

Expired Licenses and Penalty Fees
A licensee my reinstate a respiratory care license up to three (3) years after the expiration date by paying a late fee of $50.00 in addition to the renewal fee of $50.00.  Total:  $100.00.

Expired License - After Three (3) Years
If your respiratory care license has been expired for three (3) years or more, please go to
https://www.in.gov/pla/2618.htm for specific instructions.

Failure to Renew
Failure to renew a license on or before the expiration date automatically renders the license invalid without any action by the Committee.