New Statutory Provisions Effective July 1, 2014

The Indiana General Assembly enacted legislation last session which makes a change to the Dental Practice Act regarding dentists and dental hygienists. The new regulations are listed below:

Beginning July 1, 2014, state law (IC 25-13-1-2) was amended to expand the definition of “prescriptive supervision” for dental hygienists. It allow dental hygienists to provide patient care, under certain conditions and upon the authority of the dentist, without the dentist being physically present in the facility.

IC 25-13-1-10(a) was amended to add that dental hygienists may practice in a "health facility" under the direct supervision or prescriptive supervision of a licensed dentist. 

IC 25-13-1-10(c) was added that states:  Dental hygienists may not use a laser to provide treatment to a patient.   

A copy of House Enrolled Act 1061 can be found here.

Any questions about this new law, please contact the State Board of Dentistry at (317) 234-2054 or via email at