Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant Related

What is required to apply for licensure as a manufactured home installer?
A completed application, $150.00 application fee and proof of pre-licensure course completion.

How many years of experience do I need to meet the work requirement?
Applicants need to obtain at least one (1) year of experience that can be verified.

Who can verify my work experience?
A licensed installer (licensed in any state as long as verification is presented) who is familiar with your work or three (3) professionals familiar with your work of which two (2) individuals are licensed active installers.

Do you have to go to school to be a Manufactured Home Installer?
Yes, a pre-licensing course with an approved provider should be completed before licensure can be granted.

When does the Board meet and how do I know if the application I submitted will be presented to them for a decision?
The Board meeting dates can be found on our site using the Board Meeting Dates page. If an application is submitted a case manager will contact you with a status letter requiring any missing information. If an application is ready to be presented to the Board you will be notified.

Do I have to give my Social Security number on the application?
Yes, your Social Security number is required under IC 4-1-8-1. All other fields must be completed. Not applicable may suffice when appropriate.

What type of insurance is required?
Proof of insurance issued by an insurance company authorized to transact business in Indiana showing that the applicant, either directly or through the applicant's employer, is covered by a policy of general liability insurance with products/completed operations coverage in the minimum amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per occurrence, one million dollars ($1,000,000) aggregate.
Post with the Board a surety bond that names the applicant as the principal, obligates the surety in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to the Board in favor of the state, requires the principal to install manufactured homes in accordance with the manufacturer's installation manual and to observe all applicable federal, state, and local statutes and regulations, and authorizes the Board to declare the bond in default and to levy against the surety and the principal under the bond for payment of actual damages to any person who is harmed as a result of the principal's violation of the requirements described above.

License Holder Related

When does my license expire?
Manufactured Home Installer licenses expire at midnight, January 1 every fourth year, on the odd year (2013, 2017, etc.).

Is there a late fee for renewing a MHI license?
Yes, a $50.00 restoration fee plus the $50.00 renewal fee are required for expired renewals.

Does a manufactured home installer need continuing education courses before renewing his/her license?
A manufactured home installer must successfully complete ten (10) hours of CE from an approved continuing education provider before renewing the license. Pursuant to 879 IAC 1-8-11 continuing education hours are adjusted for reactivation or reinstatement using the following table.

 Date of Issuance  Hours Required to Renew
 During the first year  10
 During the second year  8
 During the third year  4
 During the fourth year  2

How is continuing education reported?
When a manufactured home installer license is renewed, the installer affirms the continuing education requirements have been fulfilled. Certificates of completion do not need to be submitted to the Board upon renewal. The Board conducts a random audit to check for compliance. If selected, an installer will be notified and be required to submit proof of completion of the required ten (10) hours at that time.

Can a waiver be obtained for the continuing education?
A licensee can petition the Board for a waiver for all or part of the required ten hours pursuant to IC 25-1-4-4.

Is continuing education required for inactive renewal?
No, licensees who wish to renew to an inactive status are not required to complete continuing education.

How is an inactive license activated?
An activation form must be completed and submitted for reactivation. Proof of ten (10) hours of continuing education must be submitted for approval.

Where can contact information be updated?
Contact information for individuals can be updated online. The login ID is the complete license number and the password is the last four digits of the licensee's social security number.

Where can a name change be reported?
Please submit the legal name change, along with supporting documentation to Please include the licensee number in the correspondence.

Consumer Related

How do I file a complaint against a licensed Manufactured Home Installer or unlicensed installer?
All consumer complaints are filed with the Office of the Attorney General. Complaints can be filed online.

Where can I verify if an individual is a licensed Manufactured Home Installer in the state of Indiana?
Using the search and verify feature on our website you can search an installers name or license number to see the full license listing.