Supervising Appraiser Course - Trainee

After May 16, 2012, any supervisor who is associated with a trainee appraiser must complete a Board-approved supervising appraiser course.

My supervisor was already associated with me. Does he or she have to take this course?

Yes. All supervisors must complete the supervising appraiser course. This includes appraisers already associated with a trainee when the rule went into effect on May 16, 2012. These supervising appraisers may continue to act as a supervisor, but must complete the course by June 30, 2013.

I am a new trainee applicant. Does my supervisor have to take the course before supervising me?

Not necessarily. Any supervisors who start an association with a trainee after May 16, 2012, will have six (6) months from the beginning of the association to complete the course.

What happens if my supervisor doesn't complete this course?

If a supervising appraiser fails to complete the course in the required time (see second question above) the supervisor will be removed as the trainee's supervisor, and your trainee license will be place in Inactive status. You will not be able to act as a trainee appraiser until you have then associated with another supervisor.

My supervisor completed the course, what do I do now?

Upon completion of the course, please have your supervising appraiser forward a copy of the course completion certificate to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, at