MHILB Continuing Education Requirements

In order to renew in an active status a licensee must complete ten (10) hours of continuing education from an approved provider.  Providers are listed below:

Indiana Manufactured Housing Association
3210 Rand Road
Indianapolis, IN  46241-5499
Telephone – 317-247-6258
Email –

Tyson Marketing
P.O. Box 87511
Canton, MI  48187
Telephone – 731-455-0922
Email –

Pursuant to 879 IAC 1-8-2 and 879 IAC 1-8-3 of the MHI rules, a manufactured home installer must complete ten (10) hours of continuing education in any of the following topics from a provider that has been approved by the Board:

(1) IC 25-23.7, Indiana manufactured home installer licensing act.
(2) IC 25-1-11, professional licensing standards of practice.
(3) 879 IAC 1-2, competent practice of manufactured home installation.
(4) 879 IAC 1-3, code of ethics.
(5) 675 IAC 14, Indiana residential code, as adopted by the fire prevention and
      building safety commission.
(6) 410 IAC 6-6, mobile home park sanitation and safety, as adopted by the Indiana
      state department of health.
(7) Applicable federal and Indiana statutes, rules, and regulations governing
      manufactured home installation.
(8) Manufacturer’s installation manuals and requirements.
(9) Preparation of manufactured housing sites.
(10) Installation of foundation systems.
(11) Blocking, perimeter support, and leveling of manufactured homes.
(12) Structural connections of section and major components.
(13) Installation of anchoring systems and components.
(14) Installation of vapor barriers, curtain walls, access, and ventilation for crawlspace
(15) Electrical connections between sections.
(16) Plumbing connections between sections.
(17) Mechanical equipment connections between sections.
(18) Gas equipment and appliance connections within the home.
(19) Connections of vents, ducts, carpet, and other nonstructural components.

The ten (10) hours of continuing education must include the following:

(1) Professional ethics.
(2) Indiana statutes, rules, and regulations governing manufactured home installers.

Prorated Continuing Education Table

Pursuant to 879 IAC 1-8-11, the number of continuing education hours that a licensee must obtain for the four (4) year licensure period in progress at the time of the issuance, reactivation, or reinstatement of a license is required as follows:
Date of Issuance of License     Hours Required to Renew

During the first year                          10
During the second year                      8
During the third year                          4
During the fourth year                        2

The licensure period and the CE reporting period is based on a calendar year. 
Example:  January 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009 = First Year
                 January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010 = Second Year
                 January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 = Third Year
                 January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012 = Fourth Year