PSE and Ephedrine Reporting Requirements

As a result of Legislation passed during the 2011 Legislative Session of the Indiana General Assembly, retailers (including pharmacies, out-patient prescription centers of hospitals, and practitioners selling out of their offices) that sell nonprescription pseudoephedrine (PSE) and/or ephedrine based products direct to consumers are now required to electronically report those sales to the State of Indiana via an online database.  Specifically, Senate Enrolled Act 503 requires submission of this data via the National Precursor Log Exchange System (NPLEx) being administered by the Appriss Corporation in conjunction with the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (“NADDI”), the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association, and the Indiana State Police.

At this time, the Indiana Board of Pharmacy is NOT maintaining this database or receipt of information – licensees must work directly with the vendor to achieve compliance. However, starting in January 2012, the Board will be checking during routine quality assurance inspections to ensure that pharmacies have been contacted by Appriss and are successfully reporting sales data to the system.

This electronic sales tracking system is a web-based and/or point-of-sale based technology solution that will allow retailers to automatically report sales of PSE and ephedrine to the vendor before completing a sale and prohibits a retailer from completing a sale if NPLEx generates a "stop sale" notice; the data contained in the NPLEx shall be forwarded to the State of Indiana.  If your pharmacy sells nonprescription pseudoephedrine (PSE) and/or ephedrine based products direct to consumers, please request an NPLEx account by visiting Click on the link for Indiana and then on the survey link for pharmacies.
For additional information on the new system, compatibility, and how the system will work, please contact Appriss, Inc. at, 1-855-786-7539, or review the material being made available at the following links:


Also, click here to read a notification from the Indiana Sheriffs' Association providing additional detail concerning this project and the enforcement and compliance timelines.

For additional information on this new law, please see the link provided above for SEA 503.  This Act also contains additional information on stop sale alerts, permissible quantities to sell, and compliance requirements.