Criminal Background Check FAQs

Why do I have to submit to a criminal background check (“CBC”)?

The General Assembly recently passed a law requiring healthcare professionals to be criminally background checked prior to being issued a license.  The law went into effect on July 1, 2011.  Please note that the State already requires applicants to self-disclose all criminal history.

What happens if there is no criminal record?

If you meet all other requirements for licensure, your license will be issued.

What happens if you find a criminal record?

The board will request supplemental information from you including an explanation of the criminal event(s) and disposition documentation that you will need to secure from the court or law enforcement agency of record that processed the matter.  This is the same process that current applicants undergo when they self-disclose criminal history.  The board will provide a copy of the criminal record for your review.

Why do I have to submit to the CBC after I apply?

The board may only review a CBC record for a person applying for a license.  If a person has not applied for a license, the board and its staff are prohibited by law from reviewing the record.  The boards also require the most recent criminal history available; as such, a CBC occurring days or weeks before an application is incomplete.  Boards will disregard a criminal record with a date prior to the application submission date and you will be required to resubmit your fingerprints and pay the CBC fee again.  There are no exceptions to this rule even if there is only a short amount of time between the criminal record check and the application submission date.

What is the “application submission date”?

Your license application submission date is the post-mark date when you mailed in the license application or the day you submitted the license application in person. 


Since I didn’t know I had to wait until after I applied to get a CBC, can I get my money back?

No.  Per the instruction sheet on the board’s website and the warning screen on the L1 website where you schedule your fingerprinting, you should not schedule a fingerprinting before submitting your licensure application.  IPLA does not receive the money for the CBC and is not authorized to permit refunds.  In fact, most of the CBC record fee goes to the FBI and the FBI does not provide refunds.

If I fail my exam, do I have to submit to another CBC?

Yes.  Any time you are required by the board to resubmit a new licensure application, you will also be required to submit to a new CBC.

Can I submit the criminal background check conducted by my employer? 

No. The State requires current CBC information and all applicant background checks must be uniform.


Does any other state besides Indiana require criminal background checks?

Yes.  Indiana is not the only state that requires criminal background checks for healthcare professionals.  For example, thirty one (31) states currently require CBC’s for nurses to receive a license.  In addition, many employers and The Joint Commission already require these checks.


Why do I have to get checked and other healthcare professionals don’t?

The new law requires initial individual healthcare licenses to be background checked. Temporary, intern, and facility permits as well as registrations are not licenses covered by the new law.


Can you share my criminal background information with the public?

No.  The record is confidential and may not be disclosed to the public.


Will my fingerprints be retained?

Yes.  But your criminal background check will not be updated or revisited by the board unless you submit to another CBC at the directive of the board.


Will I be checked every renewal?



Why does it cost so much and where does the money go?

The cost is $42.20 per applicant with $15.00 going to the State’s general fund; $17.25 going to the FBI; and $9.95 going to the vendor (L1) that secures the fingerprints.

How long will it take for the agency to receive the results of my CBC?

The CBC record will appear in our system within seventy two (72) hours after your fingerprinting.


Will juvenile records appear on my record?

No.  Juvenile records are sealed and will not appear on your record.


Will matters that were submitted to diversion appear?

Yes.  This criminal record may be considered by the board.