Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances

Every DEA registrant is required to notify the DEA field office in their area of any theft or significant loss of controlled substances upon its discovery.  Every DEA registrant (practitioner, pharmacy, hospital/clinic, manufacturer, distributor, etc.) must comply with this requirement.  Please use the link listed below to access the DEA Form 106.  This form needs to be submitted online to the DEA.

Indiana law requires that the registrant notify the Indiana Board of Pharmacy in writing of any theft or significant loss of any controlled substances upon discovery of such theft or loss.  Thefts must be reported whether or not the controlled substances are subsequently recovered and/or the responsible parties are identified and action taken against them.  You will need to print a copy of the filed DEA Form 106 and submit a copy to the Indiana Board of Pharmacy by faxing 317.233.4236, e-mail to, or by mailing to 402 W Washington Street Rm W072, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204. 

Report of Lost or Stolen Controlled Substances