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License Application


How do I become an appraiser?

You must first complete ninety (90) hours of appraisal courses from an approved provider. The list of required courses can be found in our license law compilation. The approved providers of the courses can be found at www.appraisalfoundation.org.

What is the fee to apply to be an appraiser?

The application fee for the trainee, certified residential, and certified general appraiser is one hundred dollars ($100.00). Once the exam for each license type has been passed there is a license issuance fee required. For the trainee the issuance fee is one hundred and ten dollars ($110.00). For the certified residential and certified general appraisers the license fee is one hundred and sixty dollars ($160.00) in the even-numbered years and $135.00 in the odd-numbered years. Total fee for a trainee is two hundred and ten dollars ($210.00), certified residential or certified general appraiser is two hundred and sixty dollars ($260.00) in the even-numbered year and two hundred and thirty-five dollars ($235.00) in the odd-numbered year. Reciprocal applicants pay the same fees as the exam applicants.

License Type

What are the levels or grades of appraising?

A person would start out as a trainee working under a supervisor for a minimum of twenty four (24) months to become a certified residential appraiser or thirty (30) months to become a certified general appraiser. The certified residential appraiser needs a total of two hundred (200) hours of appraiser education courses plus a minimum of an Bachelor's degree. A certified general appraiser will need a total of three hundred (300) hours of appraiser education courses plus a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

Does Indiana offer a temporary permit for out-of-state appraisers?

Yes. There is an application to be completed, and the fee is one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00). The permit is good for the length of the assignment, with a maximum of one (1) year. An individual can have up to three (3) permits in one calendar year.


Does Indiana have reciprocity for appraisers?


Do reciprocal applicants need to take the appraiser exam again?

Reciprocal applicants need only to submit the completed application, the fee, a letter of good standing from other states in which they are licensed, and a fingerprint background check.