Jobs Creation Committee

2017 JCC Annual Report

2016 JCC Annual Report

2015 JCC Annual Report

The Jobs Creation Committee (JCC) was established by the Indiana General Assembly in 2014 to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of all professional licenses regulated by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA).

The IPLA is an umbrella agency for 38 boards, commissions and committees, including licensing bodies such as the Medical Licensing Board and the Indiana Real Estate Commission.  IPLA’s boards regulate over 70 professional licenses that includes but is not limited to physicians, real estate brokers, pharmacists, nurses, accountants, dentists, cosmetologists, veterinarians and engineers.  The boards are also responsible for temporary and intern permits related to the respective professions each board regulates.  In addition to professional regulation, some boards are also responsible for regulating businesses, such as the Indiana Board of Pharmacy, which licenses wholesale drugs distributors, pharmacies and home medical equipment providers.  From pharmacist interns to journeyman plumbers to limited temporary chiropractor licenses, IPLA and its boards are responsible for the regulation of over 200 unique permits that are required for a person to work in Indiana.  Consequently, IPLA regulates approximately 490,000 actively licensed professionals, meaning almost one in seven working Hoosiers are licensed by the agency. In looking at all of the agencies that regulate professions, 1 in 4 Hoosiers must be licensed to go to work every day.

The JCC is chaired by IPLA’s Executive Director, Deborah Frye, with other members of the committee being: Joseph Habig from the Office of Management and Budget, Allen Pope from the Attorney General's Office (nonvoting member), Barbara Quandt Underwood with NFIB (small business representative), Col. Richard Wilson (consumer member), John Wright (representative from licensed field), Ben French (consumer member) and Lori Duncan (representative from a licensed field). The members' bios can be viewed by clicking here.

The JCC will be issuing reports to the Governor and the Legislative Services Agency on each regulated occupation and board over the next five years. The report must contain the following (IC 25-1-16-8):

(1) The number of individuals who are licensed in the regulated occupation.
(2) A summary of the board's functions and actions.
(3) The budget and other fiscal factors of regulating the regulated occupation, including the actual cost of administering license applications, renewals, and issuing licenses.
(4) An assessment of the effect of the regulated occupation on the state's economy, including consumers and businesses.
(5) Any recommendations for legislation, including whether:
      (a) the regulation of a regulated occupation should be modified;
      (b) the board should be combined with another board; or
      (c) whether the board or the regulation of the regulated occupation should be terminated;
      (d) whether a license should be eliminated; or
      (e) whether multiple licenses should be consolidated into a single license.
(6)  Any recommendations for administrative changes.