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What is a Home Medical Equipment Services Provider


For more information regarding the statutes and rules regulating home medical equipment services providers, please review them below. 

For legal interpretations, please refer to your legal counsel; the Board office does not interpret the rules and regulations

IC 25-26-21; 856 IAC 1-39:  Home Medical Equipment Service Providers

Home Medical Equipment means equipment that: 

  1. is prescribed by a health care provider;
  2. sustains, restores, or supplants a vital bodily function; and
  3. is technologically sophisticated and requires individualized adjustment or regular maintenance.

The term includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Continuous passive motion (CPM) machines;
  2. Patient lift devices;
  3. Defibrillators;
  4. Manual wheelchairs;
  5. Hospital-bed accessories;
  6. Electronically controlled or computerized wheel chairs and seating systems that are sold.

This term does not include: 

  1. walkers;
  2. ambulatory aids;
  3. commodes; or
  4. any other home medical equipment determined by the Board in 856 IAC 1-39.

Home Medical Equipment Services means the: 

  1. sale, rental, delivery, or installation; and
  2. installation, maintenance, and instruction in the use of medical equipment used by an individual that allows the individual to reside in a noninstitutional environment.

A license is required to provide home medical equipment services to an unrelated individual in the individual's residence.  For more information on licensure, please go here.


Additional Information
For questions regarding the Indiana HME license, please contact our office by e-mail at pla4@pla.IN.gov.