Persons Entitled to Issue Controlled Substance Prescriptions

A prescription for a controlled substance may be issued by one of the following practitioners licensed in Indiana:

  1. physician,
  2. osteopathic physician,
  3. veterinarian,
  4. dentist,
  5. podiatrist,
  6. advanced practice nurse who meets the requirements of IC 25-23-1-19.5, or
  7. a physician assistant licensed under IC 25-27.5 and is delegated prescriptive authority under IC 25-27.5-5-6.

The practitioner must hold an Indiana Controlled Substance Registration ("CSR") and a federal Drug Enforcement Agency ("DEA") registration or is exempted from registration pursuant to 856 IAC 2-3-5(b) or 856 IAC 2-3-6 in order to prescribe a controlled substance. 

Controlled substance prescriptions issued by a physician, podiatrist, dentist, or veterinarian licensed under the laws of another state are considered valid prescriptions if the practitioner has a current and valid DEA registration and that the prescription has been issued in compliance with the laws of the originating state.  It is the pharmacist's responsibility, as with all controlled substances prescriptions, to be sure beyond reasonable doubt that the practitioner is issuing the prescription in good faith and has a valid DEA registration.