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Fee Schedule

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Funeral Director Interns:

Funeral Director Intern License Fee:                          $25

Funeral Director Intern Renewal Fee:                         No fee (there is no renewal available for interns)

Funeral Director Intern Restoration Fee:                    $50


Funeral Directors:

Funeral Director Application/ Issuance Fee:              $50

Funeral Director Examination Fee:                             $50

Funeral Director Renewal Fee:                                   $50

Funeral Director Restoration Fee:                              $100



Renewal Fee:                                                              $50 (license is no longer issued, but may be renewed)



Funeral Home and Branch Application Fee:               $50

Funeral Home and Branch Renewal Fee:                    $50

Funeral Home and Branch Restoration Fee:                $100

Cemetery Registration Fee:                                         $100 (does not expire)

Crematory Registration Fee:                                       $0

Certificate of Authority Issuance Fee:                         $0

Annual Report Fee (Pursuant to IC 30-2-13):             $10


Miscellaneous Fees:

Duplicate License Fee:                                               $10 (Must be obtained online)

Digitally Certified License Verification Fee:              $10 (Must be obtained online)

Wall Certificates:                                                        No longer issued by IPLA (contact info for Official Frames.com)

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