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SLP Support Personnel Application Information

Attention Support Personnel Applicants

A Speech-Language Pathologist must meet the following qualifications to supervise speech-language pathology support personnel:

1. hold a current license as a Speech-Language Pathologist issued by the board;

2. hold ONE of the following:
    A.) a certificate of clinical competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA);
B.) a life license issued by the Indiana Department of Education (applies if all course work and all experience required to receive a life license was obtained before September 1, 1990).

* If you are changing/adding a supervisor(s) OR changing employers, your new or additional supervisor needs to complete the SLP-1 two (2) page form that is part of the application above.  You need to put a letter with the form indicating who you are employed with so we may update our records.  Also list your current license number on the top of the form or in the letter. These may now be submitted 24/7 at MyLicense.IN.gov by logging into your account and selecting the License Update feature from the left menu.

(Previous to 9/19/19 if you were changing employers you had to apply for a new license.  This is no longer true, now you will keep your same license number regardless of what you are changing.)

The registration of SLP Support Personnel has changed to the following three-tiered system, based on level of education:

Speech-Language Pathology Aides
The minimum education requirement for a SLP aide is a high school degree or equivalent.
Speech-Language Pathology Associates
The minimum education requirement for a SLP Associate is an associate degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution in the area of speech-language pathology.  The degree program must include at least 60 credit hours with the following coursework requirements:

1. 24 credit hours in technical content course work related speech-language pathology.  The core technical skills must include the following:

  • Instruction about normal processes of communication.
  • Instruction targeting the practices and methods of service delivery that are specific to SLP associates.
  • Instruction regarding the treatment of communication disorders.
  • Instruction targeting the following workplace behavior and skills:
    • Working with clients or patients in a supportive manner,
    • Following supervisor’s instructions.
    • Maintaining confidentially
    • Communicating with oral and written forms.
    • Following established health and safety precautions.

2.  Clinical observation
3.  A minimum of one hundred (100) clock hours of supervised field experience.

Speech-Language Pathology Assistants 

The minimum education requirement for an SLP Assistant is a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in communication disorders from an accredited institution.

SLP Assistants are also required to obtain the following amount of clinical experience:

  • One hundred (100) hours of a clinical practicum supervised by a SLP licensed  by the Indiana Board.

Of the 100 hours, seventy-five (75) hours must be obtained with direct face-to-face patient/client contact in the following categories:  

  • A minimum of twenty (20) hours in speech disorders. 
  • A minimum of twenty (20) hours in language disorders.
  • The remaining hours may be obtained in any of the following areas: 
  • Speech disorders.
  • Language disorders.
  • Hearing disorders.

It is imperative that the licensed speech-language pathologist, who will be supervising the aide, is familiar with the new requirements regarding supervision of different types of support personnel listed above.